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A Secretaries Day gift with a difference

In South Africa the 7th of September signifies the annual Secretaries day. This year the Breakfast Club on OFM has decided to take a different approach to the day by supporting a more worthwhile cause by raising funds for a tracking system for a Secretary Bird (Sagitarius Serpentarius).
The Breakfast club on OFM will contribute R10 000 and is calling for further donations from the public to realize this dream. There are three ways in which contributions can be made:
  • R500 - This will qualify the donor and other joint contributors to receive weekly logs and feedback on a nominated bird's movement.
  • R1000 - Where donors will receive the above as well as a Wings1 Gift membership from Birdlife South Africa
  • Companies can contribute up to R10 000 which will qualify them to name the specific bird in the Secretaries honour and possibly to be able to track the specific bird's movement via the internet.
Members of the public are urged to contact Birdlife South Africa on (011) 7891122 or email should they wish to make contributions.

Tim Thabethe of the Breakfast Club on OFM said that the reason behind their gift for Secretaries Day is that the Secretary Bird is an endangered species and that this act will go a long way in preserving our wild life. This will also preserve a piece of our heritage more importantly as September is also Heritage Month.

Thabethe also said that the Breakfast club has appealed to listeners to suggest possible names for the nominated bird. The Breakfast Club on OFM will be announcing the bird's official name soon.

The Secretary Bird derives its name from the crest of long feathers at the back of its head that resemble the quill pen that 19th century Clerks stuck in their wigs and is also significant to South Africa as it is a prominent feature on the Coat of Arms of South Africa.

9 Sep 2011 12:52