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OFM bids farewell to Rian van Heerden

'Talented', 'contentious' and 'popular', three words used by OFM's Programme Manager, Tim Zunckel, in announcing that OFM would bid farewell to Rian van Heerden.
OFM bids farewell to Rian van Heerden
Van Heerden joined OFM in February 2009 and quickly re-established himself as a dynamic radio personality and presenter. Having less than fruitful stints at radio stations in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, Van Heerden thanked OFM for allowing him "to live out the craft he so adores".

Having sited a deep affinity with his home town of Pretoria, Van Heerden explained that, "Bloemfontein holds many happy memories for me but it is not my home". Being a seasoned television personality Van Heerden is also looking to expand his presence on this medium.

Zunckel further said that, "Van Heerden's afternoon drive show, 'Mambo Jumbo', accepted the challenge to offer engaging and unique content to an audience that is often considered as conservative. Rian has proven Central South Africa a progressive market, one who enjoys being entertained, both audience and advertisers have benefitted from his programme."

OFM CEO Gary Stroebel said; "OFM respects the value of family; and its true - home is where the heart is at. Rian will always be a part of the OFM family. We wish him well in any future media endeavors."

11 Apr 2011 12:47


Big money move to Jacaranda perhaps?
Posted on 12 Apr 2011 11:55
Van Heerden-
Whatever happens, Rian is going a big splash when he arrives here in Pretoria! He wouldn't be coming if it wasn't for a good reason!Maybe we can all listen to Jacaranda now!!
Posted on 12 Apr 2011 12:11