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OFM Facebook promotion wins Best In-House Radio Promo award

The creative production team of central South African radio station, OFM, won the Best In-House Radio Promo award for their OFM Facebook promotions. The team won the honour at the annual South African Excellence in Radio Awards on Friday, 16 October. The awards were judged by a panel of both local and international judges.
OFM entered a series of promotional adverts for the awards that were created to promote the OFM fan page on Facebook. The brief behind the campaign required a concept which would allow longevity. OFM wanted a common thread that could be woven into specific messages that they could drive at different times in the digital domain. The creative team developed a character that not only fulfilled these needs, but also used elements unique to the OFM broadcasting region that would resonate with the audience both on a humorous and emotional level.

“The promo campaign has proved to be incredibly successful for OFM. We immediately saw the impact in the growth on the OFM Fan Page as well as interactions on the platform. The promo campaign highlights the synergy which is possible between the intimate medium of radio and the expanding digital platform. The award highlights the talent and ability we have at OFM as well as the standard of work we produce,” says Programme Manager, Tim Zunckel.

20 Oct 2009 18:20