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Utilising social media in your beauty brand's marketing strategy

Social media is by now considered to be an integral aspect of any brand's online marketing mix, and while social media can be used to boost any brand's profile there are certain brands that excel at the social networking game. Beauty and skincare are feminine pursuits that hold connotations of luxury and regeneration, which is part of the reason why these brands do particularly well on the social web. Here are a few key elements that beauty brands are implementing as part of their social media strategy and how these things impact on the brand's social presence.
Utilising social media in your beauty brand's marketing strategy
Social media: a feminine touch

Beauty brands are of course not exclusively enjoyed by women, but studies show that the majority of these brand' social media fans are in fact female. This fact in itself serves as a benefit to the beauty and skincare brands who do maintain a social presence. Studies have shown that women not only outnumber men on social networks but they are more active users and more willing to engage and interact through the medium. This is good news for brand pages that thrive on the budding relationships between a brand and its followers.

Keep in mind: Brands should always be aware that even an overwhelmingly female audience does not mean entirely female. Be mindful of not excluding other genders while celebrating all forms of beauty.

Celebrating beautiful images

Beauty is by its very nature a visual construct. It almost goes without saying that beauty brands aim to encapsulate and radiate the ideals of health and beauty by expressing them through visual images. In the last couple of months, social media has become increasingly visually orientated. Image-based social networks and blogging platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr are experiencing impressive growth, while traditionally text-based social networks such as Facebook are also now celebrating the power and beauty of images with its new Timeline layout.

This is excellent news for beauty brands that are now able to share stunning images, not only of their bright, lush products but of all things and often people connected with the ideals of beauty. Make up and skincare brands such as Revlon and Estee Lauder are making the most of this visual celebration by regularly posting striking images of their fabulous products as well as their famous spokes models. The images stimulate engagement, prompting fans to like, comment on or even share the lovely images which in turn gain the chance to spread through the social network.

Keep in mind: Images are arguably the most important factor when it comes to beauty brands on social media. Images should be shared often and must always be of the highest possible quality.


Beauty brands can benefit massively from hosting regular competitions through their social media and some of the leading brands are doing just that. Revlon SA boasts a dedicated custom tab for competitions on their Facebook page, featuring a visually stunning Facebook app that invites users to become fans of the page and gain access to the competitions. Revlon also hosted a fun and interactive Twitter campaign where users could submit entries in the form of a photograph, using the hashtag #manicuremondays. Competitions bring exposure and new fans to the beauty brand pages while also stimulating engagement and conversation amongst and with fans.

Social media customer service

Social media has become an increasingly popular platform for consumers to seek effective customer service and the beauty brands are no different. Global brands such as Clarins and and Estee Lauder deal with large communities and many of them are bound to come to the brand pages with questions, concerns and sometimes complaints. The transparent and democratic nature of social media means that these consumers expect prompt and effective response from page administrators and failing to provide this could lead to disgruntled fans and a negative atmosphere on your brand page.

While most beauty brands do their best to respond to all questions and issues brought to their attention via their page, a few cases slip through on occasion. This must of course be avoided at all costs with the best plan of action to employ a marketing agency to moniter and manage your brand's social media presence.
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to marketing beauty online, there are certain brands that stand out. Make sure that your beauty brand is being represented in the best possible light - allowing the splendour of your products to shine through.

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