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Digital Fire creates amazing social growth for Darling Cellars

Cape Town based digital media specialist, Digital Fire has taken a winery in Darling to new social heights. Darling Cellars approached Digital Fire in February, striking up a brand/ agency relationship that would lead to a staggering 4900% growth of their Facebook following. Being new to the social sphere, the brand needed to grow their social media following in order to grow a community of Darling Cellars ambassadors and loyal fans. Deciding to focus the campaign efforts on Facebook, Digital Fire set off to create engagement and social media buzz around the Darling Cellars Facebook Page, eventually attracting thousands of fans in the space of a few months.
Digital Fire creates amazing social growth for Darling Cellars
Database and social growth

Darling Cellars also made use of Digital Fire's opt-in database in order to grow their database while boosting their social media in turn. First Digital Fire launched a database growth campaign that significantly increased the brand's own number of subscribers. Thereafter, a new campaign was sent to Darling Cellar's new email list to market a custom-made social media based competition and the immediate results were astounding. The Darling Cellars Facebook page immediately welcomed a host of new fans which set the ball rolling for future engagement and fun. By allowing email and social media to work together, Darling Cellars were able to instantly connect to consumers who were already valuable fans of the brand -thereby cementing a loyal, interest fan base from the get-go.

Birth of a wine diva

After breathing new life into the darling Cellars Facebook page, the brand's social media interaction began to take on a new, dazzling personality. Inspired by the quirky name of the town it hails from as well as the town's most famous resident, the Darling Cellars 'diva' was born. Spunky and sweet, the Darling Cellars Facebook page became a fabulous spot for "darlings" - as their fans are lovingly referred to - to chat, laugh and win amazing prizes.

Building a brand personality is an essential step in growing a cohesive community on Facebook. A brand persona can help relieve some of the corporate facelessness that many brands suffer from -allowing your brand to seem more approachable, engaging and human. In the age of social media, people long to interact with people not just a brand name. By finding a consistent voice, Darling Cellars was able to engage in all the fun social media has to offer through truly joining the social dialogue.

Monthly Management and highlights from the last eight months

Digital Fire oversaw the daily management of the ever-growing page - making sure that any questions, queries and the like were followed up and answered quickly and efficiently. The bigger page also meant more interaction - and the Digital Fire social team made sure that every fan felt welcome and acknowledged.

In October the brand celebrated the arrival of the 10 000th 'darling '. To mark the occasion, Darling Cellars launched a creative, custom designed competition that asked fans to write quirky, original poems that celebrated the brand and their fantastic product. The result was increased social interaction, website traffic and a whole lot of great writing that further stimulated conversation and buzz.

Darling Cellars believes in rewarding loyalty and giving each consumer that visits their pages regularly the chance to win a case of their wine. This lead to establishing the "win a case per month" competition that constantly ran on the brand's page - sparking discussions and of course luring new fans.

As an up and coming brand, Darling Cellars could not have chosen a better medium through which to market their winery. Social media is often mistakenly viewed as a platform where ROI can be rather difficult to pinpoint, however the statistics show that there is true value in accruing a social following. The latest studies regard a Facebook like to be worth roughly $8 - a substantial amount if one considers the relative cost of growing fans through database rental and Facebook PPC campaigns.

During the last eight months, the Darling Cellars brand has been seen 57 570 616 times on Facebook - keeping the brand top of mind with consumers and eventually increasing the bottom line sales. Without a doubt this enormous exposure tops the likes of traditional advertising where a fleeting brand mention is forgotten as soon as the magazine is closed or the television turned off.

Through utilising digital's most successful components namely email and social media marketing, Darling Cellars were able to truly connect to their growing fan base while establishing their brand's voice and cultivating brand awareness. While the results speak for themselves, the Darling Cellars team were thrilled and had the following to say:

"We are elated by the exponential growth of our social media footprint made possible with the help of the dedicated team at Digital Fire. We set out with the aim of setting a communication platform that could reflect our core brand positioning and message. We have enjoyed the personalised engagement with current and potential appreciators of Darling Cellars wines. To encapsulate, the easily accessible and trusted word of mouth and a reliable third-party source as modus operandi has taken us from 200 fans at the start of the year to 10 000 plus." ~ Barry Kok Sales and Marketing Manager, Darling Cellars.

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