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Targeted email lists: Identifying and reaching your target audience

Email marketing is the best and most effective medium available to brands that need to market to a targeted audience. Unlike other digital mediums such as display or social media marketing that is seen by a wide variety of often random people, email marketing is sent with a specific target market in mind. By making use of a profiled and managed consumer email database businesses are able to create tailored campaigns that are then sent to a specific group of people bound by either common interests or demographics.
Targeted email lists: Identifying and reaching your target audience
How targeted email lists can improve your brand's campaigns

In order to be able to send personalised, relevant campaigns to the right audience, your brand first needs to gain access to a targeted email list. A targeted email list is essentially an email database which has been segmented into various demographics. While all companies are free to segment their email data list in different sections of interest to the, the most popular sections include gender, income, preferences, hobbies and age.

Part of any brand's marketing strategy involves identifying the right target market for their product or service. Sending out campaigns featuring topics or products to an audience that find them irrelevant or useless is not only costly but futile. By focusing on targeting a specific group you are in essence maximising your chances of capturing your audience's attention.

Gaining access to a targeted email list

One of the ways businesses can easily target a specific group of people is by renting an email database from a reputable email marketing agency. This allows the business to send their tailored campaigns to a specific portion of that agency's vast profiled database. For example, a brand that specialises in fashionable women's apparel can rent the gender specific portion of email data to ensure that their message is delivered to the right target market while also avoiding the obviously incorrect target market, in this case any male subscriber.

Maintaining a targeted email list

Once your company has built up its own targeted email list, it's necessary to maintain and manage it. Data is a rather fluid resource as it is subject to change often as time goes by. Many email contact details become less responsive while other eventually become hard bounces that need to be cleaned off the database. Making sure that your contacts are up to date and that your information is edited and refined is a necessary job which must be completed on a regular basis in order to maximise deliverability.

Having a targeted mailing list can help your company boost earnings and get much more response from your campaigns. Finding an email marketing to help you not only gain access to but also craft beautiful, personalised mailers will undoubtedly be worth investing in.

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