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Some tips to make your branded content work

Content is the engine that keeps your brand's blog, website and social media account going. If your brand is considering taking on brand publishing - i.e. creating original content that is centred around and for your brand. Publishing branded content is not always easy, and many brands end up getting it wrong, however taking some of these tips into account could help you make success of such an undertaking.
Some tips to make your branded content work
Find and develop your voice

The voice of your brand should be subtle yet discernable by the consumer - remember your voice is just as distinctive and important as your brand's logo. The important thing here is to settle on one voice that is consistent and relatable to your target market. For instance, if you are a young, hip brand that caters to young people, you will need to use a 'voice' that they can identify with. This means adjusting tone, vocabulary and style in order to personify your company's identity. Once you have established that voice however, it is important to stick with it in all sectors of your branded content.

Don't focus on self-promotion only

This is a common mistake for many brands. People, especially in the digital age want content not mindless advertising jargon. When your brand decides to take the step into publishing, you will need to create content that is informative, readable and interesting about a wide variety of topics that relates to but is not limited to your brand. It is quite simple: if your content is solely based on self-promotion no one is going to click on it. By creating content that revolves around interesting developments in your field, you will draw more readers and even links - which is good for brand awareness and SEO.

Distribute your content

Marketers often overlook the importance of sharing and syndicating their original content online. While sharing content published on company blogs and via social networks are an excellent starting point, getting your content onto other sites will do even more to get your brand out there and establish your content producers as thought leaders in their field. This is also of course an integral part of a link building strategy, which could see traffic to your blog or site increase dramatically.

Content marketing has become a buzz word, and it's easy to see why. In a world where content is king, more and more brand should be looking into creating and publishing content that is original, informative and of a high quality nature.

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