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Why your brand should not underestimate an email newsletter

Email marketing has come a long way. From basic mailers to interactive, visually stunning emails with full social media integration - email has always kept itself ahead of the curve. Yet, despite the ingenuity and originality of the newer styles of email marketing campaigns, it is sometimes good to be reminded of the value of an old trusted favourite -the email newsletter. It is unfortunate that the old newsletter has fallen somewhat out of favour with many brands and companies, however this should not be the reason to let go of the format just yet.
Why your brand should not underestimate an email newsletter
Different channels for different subscribers

Of course, some of your fans and followers will want to keep up with what's happening via your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but some will prefer to receive an old fashioned newsletter. Newsletters tell your subscribers about what's happening within and with your company, new developments, stock, and exciting news. Although some may feel that newsletters are less personal than the more interactive social media, that is simply not the case. Reading through a newsletter gives an intimate glimpse at a company's inner workings in a space where there are not many other unrelated distractions - like there are when users are logged into their social media accounts. In addition, social media and other information portals can now be integrated into your email newsletter -making sure that everyone gets your news the way that suits them best.

Lead nurturing

Not everyone who receives your company newsletter is a customer yet. Although email newsletters are not promotional emails with as clear sales message, they do build relationships with your consumers which could eventually lead to conversions. It's a softer approach than a hard sell, and as a relationship of trust develops between your brand and your subscriber, you will have a far better chance of one day turning those subscribers into customers.

Archiving your newsletter and SEO

Search engine optimisation plays a major role in how easily customers find you online. By archiving your newsletter, you essentially be uploading content automatically - content that search engines can crawl and index. By making sure the content of your newsletter is relevant and possibly even keyword rich - you could certainly be looking at more people stumbling across your brand online.

Content and your email newsletter

An email newsletter contains news of course, but these days, newsletters also serve as a way to share meaningful content.The term content marketing is a hot topic at the moment, but if you think about it, your brand is probably already doing it by sending out a newsletter that contains other content besides news. This can include excerpts from your blog or even videos and images. This way, you can not only repurpose your content, but use them in a way that your subscribers can benefit from.

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