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Database marketing for the automotive industry

When it comes to digital marketing, database and email marketing still reigns supreme in terms of return on investment. Companies and brands that are able to utilise this formidable marketing force are able to connect to more potential and existing customers on a highly personal level - a strategy which delivers impressive results that speak for themselves.
Database marketing for the automotive industry
If one considers that the overwhelming majority the automotive industry's target market use digital media on a daily basis - it only makes sense for this industry to look to a variety of digital offerings including database marketing.

What is database marketing?

Database marketing allows companies to communicate information or promotions to a database of individuals. There are two chief types of marketing databases, Consumer databases, and business databases. Consumer databases are primarily geared towards companies that sell to consumers, often abbreviated as B2C (business to consumers).

A clean, well-managed and segmented Database acts as the core from which database marketing can depart. A database is not just a list of names and information - marketing companies that understand the complexities of database marketing think of a database as actual people who want to be contacted by certain brands. By segmenting the people on a database, companies are able to ensure that the people they contact are exactly the right audience and therefore much more likely to be interest in what's on offer.

Database management

One of the key features of database marketing that allows it to work is the state of the database itself. Databases need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, while always subscribing to the rules set out by the consumer protection act. Managing a database in this manner is hard work, which is why many companies opt to have industry professionals handle these tasks on their behalf.

The results obtained through database marketing are usually great, but much of the success rests on the state of the database.

Increasing sales

The main objective of any marketing campaign is ultimately sales, and this is where database marketing particularly direct marketing through email is most effective. However, the automotive industry has one disadvantage when it comes to marketing their product through database marketing or online - not many dealerships allow customers to purchase a brand new car online. The next best thing digital marketing can offer than is a test drive booking functionality. Email campaigns run through database marketing are entirely customisable and interactive, which means whatever your company's objective - whether it be the promotion of a new product or an attempt to get more test-drive sign-ups - you will be able to make that happen.

By marketing to the right target audience at the right time via a well-managed database, all companies in the automotive industry can expect excellent results that is still unrivalled by any other marketing medium.

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