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Digital Fire generates a 78% open rate for Zando and 10 000 new sign-ups in 24 hours

Digital Fire, the email marketing and digital media specialist based in Cape Town, has delivered a superb national email marketing campaign for Zando, the ecommerce shopping site rolling out across Africa.
Thomas Boyd
Thomas Boyd
"Once again this shows the power of correctly managed email marketing and its superb return on investment for the advertiser - far outperforming other mediums," says Digital Fire managing director, Thomas Boyd.

Boyd goes onto say: "I met with Eugen Petersen, Marketing Director at Rocket Internet SA the backers of Zando, listened to their objectives and we discussed their business. Eugen was forward-thinking and open to ideas and Zando have been quick to embrace the opportunities provided by digital marketing in South Africa."

Objectives: Zando wanted to target potential new customers, grow their database with quality consumer data while driving sales as well as traffic to their website.

Target market: Zando's target market for this push was high LSM females based around major metropolitan centres in South Africa.

Digital Fire generates a 78% open rate for Zando and 10 000 new sign-ups in 24 hours
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Solution: Digital Fire came up with the concept of an email campaign with a strong call to action- the chance to win a new pair of shoes every month for a year. The campaign also possessed profiling ability and viral pass on functionality; harnessing the power of friend-to-friend recommendation.

Execution: Digital Fire marketed to 70,000 high LSM females from their carefully managed and profiled opt-in email databases.

Results: The mailer delivered a 29% open rate, with 11,800 people entering their details to the competition and signing up to Zando's newsletter.

Follow up: Digital Fire sent a second mailer to the entrants, thanking them for their participation and suggesting they browse the site - this generated a superb 78% response rate and over 5000 new visits to the Zando website.

"This was a targeted, interactive, high response campaign that drove great results and will add to the bottom line of our client, we are very proud of it. I think the ladies in my office were just a bit sad they were not allowed to enter!" said Boyd.

"When you look at the average response to traditional direct marketing at 0.1%, the average banner click through rate 0.3% and the noise people are making about 1.3% click through rates on mobile display and then compare it to this email campaign it indicates the clear value and ROI of well exectued email marketing," says Boyd.

He goes on to say: "Digital media offers many routes to market for the advertiser. Email, mobile, social, display, rich media, SEO and PPC and emerging new trends occur rapidly. All these have their place and digital media works best when these mediums work in synergy. But what is unequivocal is the value of a well-managed database. It may not sound glamorous or as 'in vogue' as some of the social media offerings but people on a database are either your existing customers or correctly targeted future customers, either way they are the lifeblood of your business. In this instance Email has once more clearly demonstrated its highly effective marketing power."

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