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Digital Fire moves into Africa

Today's volatile economy is compelling investors to increasingly focus on emerging markets - countries that are currently experiencing rapid growth and industrialisation. And as the world becomes more connected via the various forms of digital culture, emerging markets are truly starting to come into their own. Internet penetration is spreading at an extraordinary rate within these territories, which in turn is facilitating the development digital marketing.
Digital Fire moves into Africa
Social media marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing in particular are leading the way when it comes to connecting with the new digital generation of African consumers.

Emerging markets are the new frontier and the rapid growth that these economies are experiencing is providing marketers with a new consumer base to conquer, which is why agencies including Digital Fire are now turning their gaze to this new market. By gaining understanding of and access to Africa, Digital Fire is aiming to offer its clients tailor-made marketing solutions that suit this bourgeoning continent and its youthful new market.

Africa is mobile

The meteoric rise of mobile phone usage in Africa has been one of the critical drivers of swift economic growth in its territories. The mobile phone is the preferred device in Sub-Saharan Africa for just about all digital activities, with 43% saying it is their preferred device for browsing the internet. Subsequently, companies wishing to target the Sub-Saharan African markets have realised that mobile is the best way to reach these gadget-savvy consumers.

And mobile marketing in Africa is by no means stagnating; according to Mobile Life's annual investigation of mobile users in Africa, general mobile phone penetration continues to grow at an astounding rate while smart phones popularity is on the rise. One in five mobile phone users in Sub-Saharan Africa now have a smartphone, with one in three in South Africa and one in four in Nigeria.

The spread of smart phones is creating a range of new marketing possibilities for companies and brands and Digital Fire will be catering to these clients in the near future. Mobile friendly marketing mediums such as SMS, MMS and social media are just a few of the possible manners through which Digital Fire will be tapping into the African market.

African data and the future of direct marketing

Email marketing has proven to be wildly successful in the emerging markets. It's low cost and staggering success rates has made it one of the best ways to connect with African consumers as well a businesses.

Email has gone global and with smart phone usage on the rise, more Africans now have constant access to email. This new territory holds promise for any brand that wants to expand and email is an ideal way to reach these new prospects.

As a company that specialises in email marketing, Digital Fire is now making headway in gaining access to African consumers. By making use of well managed, segmented, opt-in databases Digital Fire will be able to launch email campaigns that are custom-made to suit African businesses and consumers.

Considering the rate at which both internet and mobile penetration is expanding it makes sense for marketers to start turning their attention towards emerging markets and Africa in particular. As Africa races to become an even bigger part of the digital community Digital Fire will continue to offer companies and brands the best marketing solutions to suit their needs and the needs of African consumers.

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