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The rise and rise of video marketing

In the past few years, video marketing has taken off as one of the most successful proponents of digital marketing. The innately social and viral nature of these campaigns work in conjunction with the growing trend of social media and therefore have the potential to reach millions of users and viewers around the world. Online platforms such as YouTube have made short videos not only readily accessible, but an integral part of our daily online digest.
The rise and rise of video marketing
Studies have shown that watching videos has become the second-most popular web-based activity that people engage in after email. Because of its vast popularity marketers have now realised the importance of tapping into video marketing and many brands are reaping the benefits.

Social media and video marketing

A video marketing campaign goes hand in hand with all aspects of social media. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have made the act of sharing videos with contacts, followers and friends easy and accessible. Most of these platforms allow users to embed videos onto their Timelines and news feeds simply by posting the URL link to the video. People's insatiable desire to share via these social networks thus essentially fuels a video's popularity - allowing it to go viral. The most successful video marketing campaigns all share the element of virality in that they were entertaining, thought provoking or funny enough that people wanted to share them with their social contacts.

Virality and SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation refers to the extent to which websites or other forms of online content are optimised in order to achieve a favourable ranking within search engine's results pages. One of the best ways to achieve auspicious rankings is to have multiple active pages on the web that pertain to your brand. Search engines thus "sees" content - and specifically content that has been shared via social media - which inadvertently improves search results rankings. Fervent, engaging and consistent web activity will result in more websites, blogs and people linking to your pages, which lead to increased online visibility.

Boost click-through rates and compel action

An innovative video marketing campaign has the potential to not just go viral but to positively impact your brand's popularity and sales. Online videos made by brands are essentially advertisements- their content can promote new products, introduce new features or just create a positive buzz around a company and their services. Although videos work particularly well together with social media it also has the ability to boost click through rates within email marketing campaigns. Emails containing videos hold extra appeal and can even tempt subscriber to forward the email to their contacts so as to share the video with them.

There has never been a better time to utilise video marketing to promote your brand. Creating content that people will want to experience and share via email and social media is the key to a successful campaign that could see your brand's popularity flourish.

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