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Facebook's new advertising possibilities: what your brand can expect

Facebook has recently announced new additions to their advertising offering for businesses. Soon the hundreds of millions of users who use the social network will be seeing ads in new places on their pages and timelines. The new suite of advertising products aims to offer businesses more visibility and aims to take advantage of their burgeoning mobile user base.
Facebook's new advertising possibilities: what your brand can expect
Until now, advertisers were limited to small Pay Per Click ads that appeared at the right side of the user's Facebook homepage as well as creating their own Facebook page. Now Facebook offers clients more bang for their buck with the introduction of "premium ads" that run at different points on the site as well as users' mobile feeds.

Reaching more fans

This follows Facebook's announcement that all marketers' pages will be transferred to the new Timeline format by April. Timeline offers businesses a more dynamic Facebook experience where images in particular feature more prominently. In addition, anything posted in Timeline, whether it be a status update, photo album or video can be made into an ad that can be pushed out to people's newsfeeds and mobile.

Another new marketing tool is Facebook's Reach Generator. Normally Facebook algorithms only allow 16 % of brands' posts to reach their fans' newsfeeds. Now brands have the option to reach up to 75 % of their fans with ads each month. In order to take advantage of this service brands need to adhere to a set of criteria - they must have certain number of fans, be reasonably active Facebook users and of course be able to afford the cost of such a privilege.

Greater visibility for brands

In April, Facebook will also roll out new Log-out page ads that have massive potential. 37 million People logout of Facebook each day and arrive at the logout page which is entirely free of other content. Once these ads go live, many users will see a very large image on this page that will undoubtedly grab attention. These ads can be targeted to anyone, or all Facebook users, not just a Page's fans.

However, brands will not be able to choose which of the four new locations their ads will appear in. Reporting data will be given to brands after campaigns which will specify whether ads appeared on the logout page, sidebar, or news feed, but data won't be broken out separate mobile and web news feed ads.

Facebook has always been a portal for brands through which they could organically grow new business and fans. With the introduction of these new advertising possibilities, brands will be able to actively reach more fans and enjoy greater visibility.

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