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Digital Fire Introduces a brand new offering - video marketing!

Digital Fire is very excited to be bringing a brand new offering to our clients. We recently decided to venture into video marketing and, after a successful pilot project, we feel we can now show clients what they can do with video marketing and their brands.
Digital Fire Introduces a brand new offering - video marketing!
It is a certainty that video marketing is becoming one of the more powerful mediums for brands to explore when promoting themselves. The reason being for this is that video holds another dimension of motion that allows the viewer to be automatically interactive in what is happening on the screen.

Interactive Video
A great way to encourage your clients to interact with your brand is to have videos that require them to be a part of the advertising process. For example, you could run a small series whereby the story is made up from suggestions by the public. Those who have the best idea's have there input turned into video.

Transcending Video
Video is limitless as there can always be an addition, sequel or follow up to the story. Encourage interactions with users by engaging their interest so they want to tune into your brand in order to see the story progress. Incentive is always the key to keep attention so allow your campaign to provide what your audience wants to see as your video marketing strategy goes along. Listen to suggestions and model your plan around what you know your audience wants to see. The aim is to keep your brand exposed and interacting and you want to hold that focus as long as possible, leaving your business in the spotlight.

Audience generate video content
Ask your audience to send in their own videos in order to win a prize. Make the requirements based on the promotion of your product and you've killed three birds with one stone; you've provided fresh and relevant content, you've got your audience focuses and actually working with you and your brand and you have a variety of promotional material that your client themselves thought of.

We at Digital Fire are excited to put these various ways of video marketing to the test with your brand as well as exploring more ideas and concepts. The possibilities are limitless with video marketing and a powerful tool for your brand strategy in 2012.

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