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Getting attention from the online audience and keeping it

Creating creditable content to promote your brand also means that you have to become attractive to two things: search engines and humans.
Getting attention from the online audience and keeping it
Step one is generating information that you know will keep your audience interested. First they have to find you. If your content is easily searchable and attractive as a resource of information to the searcher then you can begin to consider your online efforts worth your while. Behind your brand is a business and the bottom line of any business is that your investments into it need to generate revenue to keep the business going.

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience, their tastes and preferences is very possible thanks to all the analytics services available online. Providing what your audience wants to hear from you and listening to their feedback is the only way you will know which direction to go for the future of your content provision. Services like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and blogs will show you where you are going right with your content. Look at the number of shares, likes and comments to rate your interaction and follow that lead. Figure out where most of these interactions are coming from and adjust your content to suit that demographic. This is how you really get to your target market and gain the most valuable, responsive interactions.

2. Use an SEO professional

The truth about the internet is that the content is made visible and invisible by many bright and strategic magicians known as search engine optimisation professionals. This means, through their craft and in-depth knowledge of search engines such as Google and Yahoo! work, they can manipulate certain words and phrases to be more searchable than others. Therefore, it is essential that you employ the expertise of these professionals so your precious content doesn't fall to the never ending bottom of the search pile online.

3. Use numbers, bullets and sub headings

People have steadily become more and more genetically ADD as digital media has progressed into the realms of social networks and speedy broadband. This means that in order to hold their attention for any amount of time requires you to get the general message across really quickly. Breaking your content down into segments and easy to follow lists will allow them to skim read your content fast and then the potential for them to carry on is more likely. If your content is presented in blocks of black and white text then the chances of them not reading a word are very likely. Make it easy for your audience to see and cognate what you are saying as a brand.

4. Your heading is the key to your audience

Your heading is what really counts to search engines and your audience alike. It has to be catchy, big and bold and transcend your message sharply. Your headline should compel your reader to want to find out more information further. Keep this in mind when you are coming up with titles as your motivation should always mirror your outcome.

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