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Email marketing for the festive season: one of the most lucrative times of year for your business!

During the holiday season, those of you who use digital marketing can really get the most out of your campaigns if you gear up ahead of time and remember these following important points:
Email marketing for the festive season: one of the most lucrative times of year for your business!
1. Act Ahead of Time

Your potential client spends the majority of their day online, at their desks in front of PC's and laptops. An ever growing number of people have smartphones and iPads which allow them to access their email anywhere and at any time. This means that there is precious little time for them to spend trawling the shops or racking their brains to find the best deals in gifts and holidays for their money. In fact when it comes to this time of year when everyone is wrapping up and making sure deadlines are being met, an email marketing campaign can be the best way to maintain direct contact with consumers.

So put together your email campaign now and get out to your ideal segmented market to optimise your engagement with your client at the busiest time of the year.

2. Be Attentive

This is an opportune time to really engage and get great responses from consumers. Remember that as this is a very busy time of year, paying attention to their needs is what will make you stand out in their inbox. Building up towards the time and sending them frequent yet sensitive-to-their-needs information on your holiday deals and specials will strengthen your conversation with them.

3. Schedule Carefully

Think about what days within the holiday season are most likely to kick off a great response from your audience. An excellent example would be the Friday before Christmas, your store is holding a late night shopping event with freebies at the door and prizes to be won... the first 100 to respond to this email will be allowed full access after hours without the crowds to stress the experience. Let the audience know and run a campaign that gives them information running up to the date at times when they are most likely to appreciate it.

4. Offer Gift Ideas
Make the lives of your customers easier by giving them great gift ideas. Everyone is trying to figure out what to buy for their friends and family. You can help your customers out by highlighting gifts that would be great for family members and friends.

5. Send A Customised Holiday E-card

A great way to connect with your customers or clients is to send a personalised holiday e-card. You can include a photo of your staff and this is a way to make them feel like you are attentive as a brand and will enhance your familiarity with them.

6. Wrap Up The Year With a Round Robin

Let your clients know how your year has gone within your business. Keep it positive and announce your accomplishments. A list of success stories is reassuring to the client and this is the perfect time to highlight them.

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