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The Digital Divide

What was once the tool of the elite is now the democratic medium to live and market by. You can bet on it.
The Digital Divide
The term 'digital divide' used to refer to the first world elite having the advantage of internet access and power over content. As the digital age unfolds, it encapsulates the rest of the world and now we refer to the digital divide as what is causing the crevice between what works in marketing and what is out of date. Having the digital advantage when promoting your product or brand is what makes or breaks you in 2011 and with 2012 fast approaching, there has never been a truer statement.

Context is so important in advertising and marketing as it not only creates perspective for your message but it also tells the consumer whether or not your brand is relevant to them. By using digital marketing such as email marketing and social media marketing, you are telling your client that you are relevant without even saying anything. Gone are the days of print and TV advertising sealing the deal on your product sales alone and without digital backup. People think along digital lines and possibilities now and implementing this philosophy into your business strategy will improve all your marketing and advertising efforts.

Finance your digital marketing department
Why should you as a business think about putting more of your marketing spend into digital? Well, from a purely financial point of view, your concerns should be focused on return on investment or ROI as well as being able to monitor what is working for your business in terms of marketing strategies and advertising systems. One of the most commendable things about social media marketing and email marketing is that you can adopt clear and accurate metrics to work out how your campaigns are doing and where your monetary and time efforts are best utilised. Other means of marketing are far more difficult to gauge and in the end leave you somewhat clueless as to how much of it actually generates revenue and new clientele.

Revolutionising older marketing methods that you have already adopted
Well digital is the way forward for the future of marketing the older methods are still relevant. However they do need some social and digital marketing landscaping in order to not be obsolete and work hard for your business. For example, checking to see if more online users went to search for your product after your television ad is a logical and efficient way of measuring your marketing success through the various mediums. Looking at digital marketing as not only an essential part of your promotional strategy but as a means to measuring your other marketing tactics is how this area should be rendered in your mind.

The tools your business needs for digital marketing success:
Email marketing - using email marketing to kickstart your campaign covers all the most strategically important areas in your campaign. It is both personal and sent to your entire audience. It allows you to have that individual feel with your client and strengthens connection over and above standard marketing approaches.

Social media marketing - social media marketing is one of the best ways to share information about your brand with your client. Building your online reputation and personality as a brand is the legitimacy that clients will appreciate and value when they are on the market to spend. It also provides excellent means to measure your efforts.

Data rental - data rental is how you are going to go about securing the most relevant, cost productive and return rich audience you can possibly ask for. By using a reputable data rental agency for your campaign, you are taking the outcome of your campaign into your own hands and providing your brand with an audience that already wants to interact with you thanks to opt in email.

SEO - search engine optimisation needs to go hand in hand with any content you put out there. A great SEO engineer will ensure that the quality content that you are producing for your brand will come out top in the searches your potential clients are doing.

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