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Social commerce and social media just got more complicated: stay ahead to keep ahead

Oh dear. For those brands who thought they had social media and social commerce down pat may have to review their social skills come the end of the year. Having a virtual avatar to represent your brand and enable your clients to engage with you on a commerce as well as relations level of interaction is now standard procedure for business today. It is understood that online engagement though digital marketing and social media is how brands are now communicating with their clients. However, it has been proven, thanks to a research survey conducted on Klout and Twitter, that those who are especially influential online receive a higher advantage over and above their competitors, thus increasing their reach to bonus levels.

The advantage the influential brand will receive is bonus time on the time line, specifically according to this survey, substantial more time on Twitter. This obviously leads to a greater percentage of users seeing the brand's update and giving the option of more time to respond and to engage more deeply with the brand.

Social commerce and social media just got more complicated: stay ahead to keep ahead
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Monitoring Tweets

What Klout is, for those of you who are not yet too familiar with it, is a social influence measuring tool. One of the main reasons social and digital media is of such use to advertisers and marketers alike, is because it is one of if not the only marketing method that can be entirely monitored in terms of progress and success. Klout measured the impact of a tweet over time, depending on the user's Klout score. What they were trying to find out is how many retweets different types of user achieve and how long it takes before the amounts of retweets reduces to half.

The results on Klout's survey:

If a brand has a Klout score between 40 and 70, it can be expected that the tweet's half-life will last for only five minutes. If the Klout score is between 70 and 75 though, that score quintuples to 25 minutes.

When the score gets to 75-80 points is where brands can see a very noticeable change in their life span on the time line. The average half-life of a tweet from a user with that score range is two hours and 45 minutes. It increases to five hours and 15 minutes for the 80-85 range, and tweets coming from Klout users with a score above 85 will last for an average of five hours and 35 minutes.

Asserting your social influence as a brand through digital marketing

Using digital marketing and social media in conjunction with your marketing and advertising strategy is the best way to showcase your brand. The communication that works the most effectively to promote your business is that which commands the greatest audience, the most relevant audience and gets the best word of mouth response; all of which is done online. Being an influencer is what you as a company should be focussing on. Haveing a reputable agency behind your strategy is going to be at the top of your list of priorities for 2012 and would be one move well worth your spend.

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