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Fcommerce: Facebook commerce takes over at Oscar De La Renta

Facebook has gone to the next level in the world of commerce and marketing this week after luxury brand, Oscar De La Renta became the first high end brand to launch a Facebook commerce initiative exclusively on the social network.
Fcommerce: Facebook commerce takes over at Oscar De La Renta
Facebook has collaborated with 8thBridge, the social commerce solution. Oscar De La Renta decided to launch their first Facebook shopping experience with the debut of a brand new jewellery product, the Esprit D'Oscar cocktail ring valued at $65 dollars.

Other high end luxury brands have been known to implement some kind of F-Commerce attribute to their marketing campaigns but Oscar De La Renta will be the first brand to provide a shopping experience that sees the client through the process from beginning to end without ever having to leave Facebook. The cocktail ring is a part of the designer's new fragrance launch and is an experiment in this new area of commerce using only Facebook. The whole transaction can be done either on a tab on the brand's page, or if the user prefers, without even leaving his or her newsfeed.

"It's an experiment for us and it's an experience that wont be limited to just this ring. Over the next six months, we have plans to consistently introduce new products over Facebook," said Oscar de la Renta's chief executive officer Alex Bolen. "The Facebook community is obviously massive, huge and [continuously] growing, and to be able to communicate effectively and to engage the community surrounding our brand is a hugely important objective. I feel confident that if we can engage people, they will become customers whether it's today, tomorrow or in the future."

As this brand is high end, it is understood that some products will work in this market and others will not. It is still in foetal stages of experimentation and with technology and social media behaviour changing so quickly, it will be a process that has to be carefully monitored. The good news is that there is an excellent option for other brands who do not carry such prestigious price tags as Oscar De La Renta. Herein Facebook lies a very economic and if done correctly, very effective marketing strategy for brands all over the world. Using F-Commerce, due to the nature of the social network is also a brilliant and legitimate way to build on relationships between brand and consumer.

"Increasingly for us, it's not so much about numbers but developing evangelists and engaging people that are real brand ambassadors. We want to echo about Oscar around the internet, and we want to find fans and really make sure they are deeply engaged, and ultimately - [although it's] a little bit up in the air, we want them to be customers. Everything we do is oriented towards business, but the first thing we need to do is get people engaged, and then we will find out how best to commercialize this engagement," Bolen said.

Since the launch of the Esprit d'Oscar scent in April, the project has been deemed successful in being effective in attracting fans on the platform. The brand's "likes" grew by 40 percent in a one-week period, and 5,000 users participated in a feedback survey on the scent, post-sampling (25,000 fans "liked" de la Renta's Facebook page in order to receive a sample of the fragrance).

8 Nov 2011 13:21


Christopher Pills
Christopher Pills
I think you will find that the first to do this was Build by Social Innovations in the UK.
Posted on 17 Nov 2011 14:38

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