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The top of strategic technology to keep in mind for your business

With the new year coming up fast and as we all draw a thankful breath that there is some form of holiday in sight, you would do well as a brand to keep an eye on what's going to be big in digital strategy next year to keep ahead of the game.
The top of strategic technology to keep in mind for your business
Mobile tablets:

Companies can expect to be dealing with their clients via diverse forms of media next year. Using multiple form factors for your marketing campaign is in your best interest if you want to remain relevant to your client. Due to the interactive nature of mobile technology especially in the form of mobile tablets like the iPad, it would be wise to develop two types of mobile strategies for your consumer that will address them in a business to employee scenario as well as in a business to consumer scenario. Including both directions will allow your brand to consider social goals, business goals, financial goals, and risk management goals. It will also cater to the surfacing and managing APIs to access enterprise information and systems, integration with third-party applications, integration with various partners for capabilities such as search and social networking, and delivery through app stores. Covering more surface area is where you need to train your focus in your marketing campaign next year.

App stores:

The new marketplace to see and be seen is in the world of Apps. With the likes of Apple and Android providing these such marketplaces where thousands of applications are available to mobile users at any time and any place, this is one of the most accessible ways to trade ever. It's already being forecast that by 2014, there will be more than 70- billion mobile application downloads from app stores every year. What is mainly a consumer focussed area of technological facility will now extend to cover a whole entrepreneurial perspective where brands can find both a marketplace and a support system which benefits from and provides supply and demand in the marketplace.

The internet of things:

Sound vague? Well when you are dealing with futuristic possibilities in the present at the pace we're going, trying to circumnavigate any better is a difficult chore. "The internet of things" is a concept that describes how the internet will expand as sensors and intelligence are added to physical items such as consumer devices or physical assets and these objects are connected to the internet. More and more we are discovering the technology in order to include the types of things that are being connected and in the technologies for identifying, sensing and communicating.

The three main elements of this obscure but true concept are:
  • Embedded sensors: Sensors that detect and communicate changes are being embedded, in mobile devices and other objects.
  • Image Recognition: Image recognition technologies strive to identify objects, people, buildings, places logos, and anything else that has value to consumers and organisations.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) payment: NFC allows users to make payments by waving their mobile phone in front of a compatible reader. Once NFC is embedded in a critical mass of phones for payment, industries such as public transportation, airlines, retail and healthcare can explore other areas in which NFC technology can improve efficiency and customer service.

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