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Blogging for a brand - why these two go hand in hand for success

What is deemed to be the biggest fashion revolution in a hundred years according to Blogger's Wardrobe is also going to revolutionise journalism and brand marketing alike.
Blogging for a brand - why these two go hand in hand for successWhat makes a blog and a brand alike?

A blog is an arm of an individual aesthetic that reaches out from the source of the entire element that makes up the identity in question. Both a blog and a brand are created with a certain conceptualisation in mind in terms of bringing across the specific style, function and receiving market in question. Both are a way of distributing, sharing and promoting a product. Today, the era of the blog is deeply entrenched in tomorrow's future. This is because the blog is democratic and publically accessible dimension of insight into the individual be it a brand or a person. Online communications are the relevant way of sharing information and blogs are what add personality and depth to product, service or brand.

In the worlds of fashion, music, art and entertainment where using the media is how PR primarily organise press and exposure for the brands they are representing, bloggers are big business. While anyone can have a blog, not just any blog will do for a great brand. A brand needs a blog if it wants to enrich its online personality and provide their audience with something to interact with. With such an abundance of excellent bloggers bringing their tastes and style to the forefront, brands can afford to pick and choose a tailor made blogger to represent their brand as the voice of their business. Retailers and businesses alike have wised up to this immense possibility of marrying two perfect attributes under the roof of their brand. No longer is it a case of trying to get your writer to contribute content to the best of their ability on any random topic. Nor is it the expensive process of seeking out specialised celebrated journalists who will charge you a free lancer's rate to meet your needs. Now brands and blogs are going through a match making process that could mean marketing heaven given the right marriage of the two.

Blogger's Wardrobe
As the website itself says, the idea is simple: brands need blogs and blogs need brands. Brands have the interest of an audience and blogs have the capacity to communicate with them.

"The problem is of course that there are millions of brands and millions of bloggers. Bloggers' Wardrobe gathers the BEST brands and the BEST bloggers. Bloggers' Wardrobe is where they meet in a way so that the integrity of the bloggers is kept sacred. We believe it will be the start of the biggest revolution in fashion in a hundred years."

Renting excellent data and perfect content for your brand

Blogger's Wardrobe caters to a number of products and brands; everything from a pair of sunglasses to a computer. What this amazing website provides an element of exclusivity reserved for the best bloggers in the world. Top brands will expose their products first off to these chosen top bloggers who will have first dibs on writing about the latest and greatest on offer. The 'shop' of products is totally free and of course the chosen blogger gets to take the product for a test drive in order to get a feel for it. Bloggers' Wardrobe will also hold courses and workshops to help bloggers attract more followers. This method promises to drive a lot of traffic to the best quality content possible therefore legitimising the brand that is being promoted.

Having a hot blog is the best thing you can do for your brand and it is recommended that you use content from someone who know what they are doing. By going through an agency similar to Blogger's Wardrobe you can really make your blog accountable for the personality of your brand online. Contacting a data rental company who provide content provision customised to you and your market's needs are the tidiest way of getting your point across and marketing wisely.

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