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Exchanging the glossies for the glitter of social media in the magazine world

The wonderfully glamorous world of magazine media has had to make a lot of effort to protect their livelihood as a brand and a revenue generating industry since the advent of social media. Facebook especially has been responsible for the change in communications and sharing of ideas, which essentially are the fundamentals the magazine industry works on.
Exchanging the glossies for the glitter of social media in the magazine world
Consumers are now using the many customised channels online in the form of social media networks, blogs and subscriptions to newsletters to get their information. While the way we share information will never go back to the glory days of the nineties magazine mania, these new developments online can act as new avenues for revenue generation for the likes of magazine publishers.


It seems that magazines, specifically in this case, fashion magazine, previously the most successful category in this type of print media would do well to take a leaf out of the social medium that fashion designers are utilising to their advantage. Burberry currently has more than 8.6 million likes on Facebook, while Gucci has nearly 5.4 million, Chanel has almost 4.6 million and Ralph Lauren has more than 4 million. Vogue has nearly 1.7 million, by comparison, while Cosmopolitan has less than 1.2 million.

Content Quality Control

By using social media like Facebook to promote your magazine, you are creating for yourself, a direct line with your consumers. By proving to be accessible and convenient, you will allow your information the platform most desired in terms of always being in communication with your audience. Gaining followers on Facebook and Twitter is important but what really seals the deal on your interaction and turning a consumer into a loyal patron of your publication comes down to generating the best content possible.

Pre Social Media and The Dawn of a New Era

PSM (Pre Social Media) magazines counted on the inclusion of advertising in their pages in order make ends meet and keep their product looking good and working for them. Now with these designers managing their own promotion online using social media, magazines are losing their main source of income. The past system of advertising and marketing has changed so drastically since the online revolution in communications that the whole business model has changed. In many ways it is for the greater good of the whole industry as this new filter of communication has purified the motivation behind creating content for publications. Instead of the incentive laying on what advertisers you can attract to sponsor your pages, it is now a direct line of free flowing interactive communication between your brand and the consumer. Choosing articles and topics that compliment your advertisers is no longer a necessary measure, affording the creative side of magazine production to prosper in its individuality. This could very well be the golden age of the glossy.

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