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Sticky Fingers: What you want on your consumer's keyboard

As a brand you now have found yourself pulling in a virtual tug of war online for the consumer's attention. The wonderful thing about the digital development of internet sharing through social networks and email marketing means you know where your potential client is most of the time.
Sticky Fingers: What you want on your consumer's keyboard
This is because communications as well as information searching is now mostly utilised through the powers of digital interactions. However, it is no longer a case of grabbing likes on Facebook or keeping your numbers ticking when you look at how many followers you have on Facebook. Now the real focus has to be on time and how you can spend it together with your potential clients involved in some kind of interaction. Here's how the future looks for brands and the consumer attention span this coming year.

Facebook and Spotify

The musical possibilities that have been created by the global online connection that is the wonderful internet have taken us all into the next era of music creation, production and sharing. Entire music scenes and collaborations happen online without the individuals ever even meeting yet still encourage and inspiring each other.

A cultural democracy has evolved as people can now access a platform to exhibit their creations to an audience that will give them feedback and interact with their work whilst sharing their own.
Facebook is currently the world's largest social media network. With over 7 million users, it manages to capture the attention of collective existence of mankind despite time and space.

Recently Facebook combined efforts with Spotify, one of the leading music streaming services online. This allows users of Facebook to listen to their friend's music whilst they scan their newsfeeds. This is a part of the new and improved OpenGraph attribute that Facebook incorporated during their F8 launch.

Anyone who teams up with Facebook seems to set the way for their success in gold as there is no other user base quite like it in existence.

Google Plus

Said to be the one stop shop of social networks due to its subtle privacy protection efforts and overall incorporation of various types of media. By integrating Google+ as a social network with all their other products, Google ensures that their users will spend more time on Google as a whole. The point is to deter users from visiting other social networks like Facebook and thus have provided a seemingly idyllic social network that is essentially only a social service, minus the commerce, within the Google family.

The trick here is that by keeping users on a Google product for their social needs, it will be far easier to search for their other needs using Google products too. It's a monopoly on attention which in the Age of Attention means that Google has found the way to keep all eyes on them whether the user wants to share or search or consume.

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