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Relationship Marketing: The way to go in digital marketing

Maintaining the relationships you have begun with your clients is just as important as getting new clients on board for your service or product. In the world of digital marketing, a brand has to operate on an entire new value system in order to attract and keep the interest of potential clients. This in a term is called 'Relationship Marketing'.
Relationship Marketing: The way to go in digital marketing
Finding the value in your relationships with clients online

Using social media networks and email marketing is an excellent combination to put together a strategy towards building a good reputation with your clients. Due to the nature of social media and email marketing, a direct, customised and accessible means of communication is assured when you exercise digital marketing correctly.

Digital marketing emphasises the importance of maintaining a good reputation for your brand online. Look at who your clients are and make sure that you are an attentive, responsive and professional brand towards them so that you keep within their expectations of your high quality service. You want to treat your best clients well as well as those who have a high influence on those around them online. By tending to them and treating them as valued individual clientss, you increase the chances of them sharing with others how excellent your service is, thus generating great press and further advertising for your brand. You can ascertain those who are valuable in terms of their social influence by monitoring your interactions with clients, as well as their social behaviour. Those who respond to your posts regularly, who retweet your statuses and specials and who have a high Klout score are who you should be focussing your time on when it comes to Relationship Marketing.

Inexpensive and Responsive

In the past, in order to make your most valued clients feel appreciated, businesses would have to hand out gifts and discounts. Now with social media, a brand can interact more freely and efficiently with a client in a way that will benefit them both as opposed to a surface level gift system. This will keep the loyalty and interaction up to a standard of 'business closeness' whilst saving the brand capital. It also can be stretched into a much longer and hopefully constant interaction that way extends past the out of date 'thank you, pleasure' procedure of past marketing techniques.

Keeping It Even on The 'Social' and The 'Media'

What Relationship Marketing is really about and why it differs so much from traditional marketing methods, is because it focuses on building a relationship with the individual. Mass marketing is no longer considered effective as it lacks the quality that comes with individual specific interactions in terms of content. It is a time consuming yet necessary step to take as a business online; each client counts. Remember that using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are primarily based on the concept of socialising and that means careful interactions as opposed to careless swamping of the digital world with advertising that lacks a personal touch.

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