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The power of opt-in and profiled data

The values of renting opt-in and profiled email data and what it can do for your brand.
The power of opt-in and profiled data
The most interesting thing about all the advancements that email marketing has gone through in the last ten years is that it has demanded a higher level of quality from the marketing industries. This means that your marketing campaign has to be of a significant calibre to shine out from the inbox of your client. It may seem daunting but if you as an email marketer apply the understanding of quality, relevance, traditional techniques and who your target market is, your brand will succeed.

Quality email database
There is a substantial difference between buying a database of email addresses and using an email data rental agency. The agency, in accordance with Anti-Spam laws and your requirement for relevancy orientated data, will provide you with the essential other half of your brand/client strategy. You want your campaign to deliver and on your investment so you want to increase your click through rate among potential clients. Ensuring that your ROI is high requires you to invest in profiled, opt-in email addresses that are most relevant to your brand and your sell.

Segment and personalise your database
Include an interactive mailer in your email marketing strategy so that you can find out more about what each individual potential customer finds value in. By asking questions about how they react to your brand and their preferences, you can mould an email that they will personally find more valuable because it is more relevant to their needs and interests. Email marketing is en masse marketing but it is also important to maintain a level of personal client/brand relations in order to turn that interaction into the long term.

Easy access organisation
When you pull up a profile for one of your subscribers, have all their information at the ready. That means how they became your subscribers, how often you have interacted, what kind of efforts encouraged them to interact, did they 'read on' or 'buy now' et cetera. Obviously you should also include there details such as name, date of birth, sex here too. Segmentation of your data begins with the individual and should be placed simply and on a single page.

Did it really deliver to my entire database?
Using an agency to rent profiled, opt-in email data is extremely important in terms of you measuring the success rate of your email campaign. This is important because if you think about the amount of emails you've had bounce in your time; the chances are a certain quotient of your mailers will bounce too. To avoid this, always over compensate. Use a company that provides data rental which will plan around this problem. For example if you want your mailer to go out to 5000 clients, send out 5500 emails to compensate for the emails that bounce. By having an agency monitor the kind of responses you get from each email you send out, you gain invaluable insight as to how your next email campaign should work for optimum results.

The value of content in your email marketing campaign
Your content is what will seal the deal in your email marketing campaign when it's in partnership with profiled, opt-in email data. You have managed to get your reader to opt in to receive it now it's really about making sure they want you to come back. Segmentation is crucial to providing relevant and interesting content to each of your readers. Great content is what will lead them to acting or going to your website and is certainly the only way to turn a consumer into a client.

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