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Outsourcing digital production for marketers and brand agencies

Outsourcing from the UK to South Africa proves reliable, cost-effective and quality assured.
Outsourcing digital production for marketers and brand agencies
Outsourcing digital production work from the UK seems to be the way to go if the statistics of 2011 are anything to go by. According to a survey done by digitalArbor on over 125 marketers and professional agencies, 79 percent of survey respondents said that they had outsourced digital production projects in 2010, and already the majority (75 percent) plan to continue to do so in 2011.

Why outsource digital production?
  • Internal capacity issues
  • Lack of skill set within a company
  • Paying for freelance work is extremely costly
  • Most cost-effective way to manage fluctuation in the work stream
"We believe that agencies will see digital outsourcing evolving in much the same way as more mature channels such as TV advertising where outsourcing to specialist video production and post-production houses is standard," Says Matthew O'Riordan, founder of Lemon Digital Production who commissioned research into this area which was published by E-consultancy.

What returns are you looking for when you outsource digital production?

When you outsource for your digital production needs, there is no need to compromise the craftsmanship for the saving of capital. South Africa has excellent resources, especially in Cape Town at Digital Fire, the leading e-marketing agency in the country.


Reliability is key in this kind of exercise. Often there is a need to better your company's management of projects that involve digital production in terms of skills and ability to deliver. If your brand operates out of the UK, outsourcing to Cape Town is as reliable as solution as it would be to use a freelancer but it comes at a fraction of the price. At Digital Fire, a similar relationship can be expected as those that occur between a film production company and a client. A free-flow of communication and understanding is totally possible when outsourcing to a decent agency and can prove how technology really can remove the issues of distance and demographics. Digital Fire operates out of both Cape Town and London and has the knowledge and experience of working in both cities for the past 12 years.


Excellent quality is as per normal procedure in your company, the only kind of production you want to distribute. By outsourcing digital production work from the UK to Digital Fire you can rest assured that the quality will be every bit up to your high standard of product, if not even better catered for. This is due to the capacity and technical skills of our creative team who can afford to focus and attend to detail when providing this kind of service to clients. Cape Town is an excellent option to outsource to from the UK as we run on the same time zone and speak the same language. We proudly maintain globally impressive skills in HTML, SEO, SEM, ORM, social media, video production and CSS. Along with Digital Fire's history of sustained production in the UK, we really do understand and co-ordinate with a shared level of excellent work.


While Digital Fire is indeed 100 times smaller than the digital marketing companies in London, we provide the same level of quality work at a fraction of the price. Cape Town is a burgeoning hot spot of online creative and well-produced digital work. A city that is becoming world renowned for its creative expertise in the advertising and marketing world, South Africa is often considered the leaders in this innovative industry. In an economically fragile atmosphere it really is important to consider costs and quality proportionately to your level of distribution. Outsourcing can remove financial strain whilst maintaining a value-rich reputation for your work.

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