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Social media and quality content command more attention than ever

If you think about the social media networks that you use, brands that you choose to interact with and the articles you pick out to read, it kind of recalls the nostalgia of a magazine experience. Remember when your subscription used to arrive, sealed and exciting, a new addition of your favourite regular read that you couldn't wait to enjoy.
Social media and quality content command more attention than ever
Things have changed somewhat in the world of media since social took over. Basically everything got a whole lot better and Flipboard is the latest example of why social media is the best thing to happen to brands, the media, marketing and consumers alike. Flipboard is a social magazine application that saw the initiative and was created by Twitter board member, Mike McCue and Evan Doll last year in 2010. The application is designed for the iPad and is being customised to work on iPhones too. It is designed to collect the content of social networks and various other websites and present it in magazine format on the iPad. The application allows the user to flip through their social media feeds and their feeds from websites that have partnered with Flipboard.

Those who don't love social media probably just haven't gotten the hang of being 'good' at social media. If you think about it, you choose entirely what information you want to receive, from where and when you want to receive it. Really, what is possible with social media once you get 'good' at it, is the ultimate magazine experience that you remember but times ten! It's the perfect magazine because you have customised the content to your desires and your news feed should read like a personalised magazine that speaks directly to you. Better yet, as your interests grow and change you can alter your 'magazine' or customised news feed to evolve with you.

What brands or anyone who wishes to promote themselves ought to realise is that these days, your potential clients are counting on you to be good at social media. This is because it is the best way for most to access your content. Promotion of your brand or business online now comes down to two areas of importance for you: Social Media Skill and Quality Content. Think of your client as your publisher and you as the columnist; you need to provide quality within deadlines to maintain your value as a contributor.

The golden age of magazines that was the 1990's was a marketing and advertising dream in print. That age has given way to this new, democratic involvement in the media and how brands and consumers interact with one another. While social media is certainly not the be all and end all to your marketing strategy, it is gaining value quickly in terms of being the top way people choose to interact with information. As consumers become 'better' at social media and begin to utilise the amazing applications on offer, like Flipboard, so it is up to the brand to become a concise authority on distributing their information in the most effective way for promotion and to live up to client expectations. Using an agency to take care of the social media side of your brand could really make the difference in how you are perceived online in the public. A professional and knowledgeable approach to technological and information trends are going to become key areas in your marketing strategy.

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