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Email marketing: taking direct marketing and making it 2012 relevant

It's true that the face of marketing has changed forever since the digital expansion of the internet remodelled brand/consumer relationships in the last few years. No longer is it a case of the brand in question 'shouting' out its marketing technique at the general audience. Now marketing is a very segmented and specialised field with many different and necessary sub-divisions within it that apply to the various areas. However, there are traditional traits to direct marketing that should not be ignored and simply rejuvenated and applied for affectability by injecting relevancy into your marketing strategy.
Email marketing: taking direct marketing and making it 2012 relevant
1. ROI

The return on investment for any step you take as a company has to be accounted for. By this, I mean that your motivation needs to follow through to the end of the email campaign you are running and analysed according to its success rate. Your email campaign is not focussed on getting the content out only as a be all and end all. The content needs to go out in its most segmented and customised form to the most applicable audience for the reason of extracting an accurate ROI on the campaign.

As a company, you are essentially concerned with generating revenue; therefore all your efforts need to be concentrated on what makes this happen. Reading and responding to your feedback and learning from it, is the future of your next email campaign. Email marketing in this day and age is a fast moving medium and should be considered an area where you are constantly learning and developing your method.

2. Learning and Testing

To extend on the previous point, learning through your process is how you will keep your strategy relevant to the industry. Time really is of the essence in marketing today, so making sure you are learning as you go along is what will ultimately make the necessary changes for your ROI to stay level with the amount of effort you are putting into your campaign.

Don't just focus on your subject line. YES, it is very important but it is really only the password through the door to your email campaign's content and how you have anticipated the reader will react to it. Content is the most relevant and important anchor of your email campaign. Quality content is what will set your mailer a part from the rest. Learning who wants what and when is an understanding that you as an email marketer will have to keep updating through learning as you go along.

3. A Quality Database

The great thing about all the advancements email marketing and marketing in general has gone through in the last ten years is that it has demanded a higher level of quality from the industries concerned. This means that your marketing campaign is going to have to really be on top of its game to shine out from the inbox. It may seem daunting but if you as an email marketer apply the understanding of quality, relevance, traditional techniques and who your target market is, your brand will succeed.

There is a very big difference between buying a database of email addresses and using an email data rental agency. The agency, in accordance with Anti-Spam laws and your requirement for relevancy orientated data, will provide you with the essential other half of your brand/client strategy. You want your campaign to hit home and by this I mean you want to increase your click through rate among potential clients. Ensuring that your ROI is high requires you to integrate direct marketing techniques are listed in these last three points through a lens of relevancy at all times.

When you are dealing in email marketing to promote your brand, apply your knowledge of what exactly your client requires now from your brand in terms of relevancy. Then use your foundation in the understanding of direct marketing to tie the whole business together.

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