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Social media: A language for the artist

Social media as an evolutionary pallet for artistic expression.
It has been the bane of the creative's existence since man began communicating and recording information. Language, while it can just about make ends meet in terms of surviving in a community, has never reached an objective equilibrium of adequate expression. While social media has opened up the party walls between commerce and social networking, it is not only these various areas of mutual understanding to gain either in social or financial that people are benefitting from. Social media has added to and extended language into a far more diverse and coherent tool than ever before.

Artists, writers and musicians have been searching for new means of expressing the metaphysical, elusive and transient concepts of existence forever. The subjective nature of art, when it is art, when it is good and when it is accomplished is all due to the downfall of language and the frustration of not being able to communicate perfectly the creations that do not fall into comprehensive sentences that we all can relate to or even understand. Differences in reception of art, music and literature essentially is because the fatal error of language is that it can never, as an oral tool of communication, be all encompassing at all.

How social media has added to language

A definition for the term 'visual language' provides some insight into this problem,

"A visual language is a system of communication using visual elements. Speech as a means of communication cannot strictly be separated from the whole of human communicative activity which includes the visual and the term 'language' in relation to vision is an extension of its use to describe the perception, comprehension and production of visible signs."

One of the most popular ways of sharing information online is through the exchange of visuals and videos. Many people all over the world have nurtured their hobbies, interests, likes and creations through social media. This is because many online groups, social networks, Facebook pages, blogs and sites have dedicated themselves to niche areas of specific information. This creates the quintessentially important tone of relevancy to the information that is exchanged, something that language has always struggled to maintain as we have evolved our minds and our mediums over time.

Many people use social media entirely to exchange information through visuals. In fact, this could be one of the most exciting things to happen to the artistic world in some time. Like minded individuals who use social networks such as Flickr, Youtube and Facebook, entirely to exchange relevantly interesting media, never have to use words at all.

Crossing oceans and aesthetics

Whereas before, movements, scenes and sub-cultures rose out from demographically linked areas of people, the internet and social media has reformed that entirely. Now, evolution, sharing and connections through art are made online, regardless of time, place or distance. While some of the romance linked to the Beat and Bohemian gatherings in salons and coffee bars can no longer be relived, social media has provided a means for so much more to be done in terms of development and contribution to the art world.

The nature of social media is in constant flux. A transient expression of the most relevant information happening in real time. Social media gives art the leverage to stream into areas that can channel the creativity most effectively and has also provided the capacity for the most artistically compatible people to engage whether they speak the same language or are in the same area. These people can merge, collaborate and create with social media. Aesthetics and combinations that would never have been able to be considered are now pulsing as art and inspiration find a whole new vocabulary in communication to utilise.

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