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Social media and email marketing: Combining methods to an optimised digital marketing strategy

Using the currency of social media to draw an audience while email marketing keeps them satisfied.
If you are one of those marketers, who is taking to social media as a part of their marketing strategy like a duck to water; well done. However, don't be one of those businesses who looks to social media like the answer to all your dreams because this form of marketing, while important, is just a piece of the puzzle. Social media is the hot new topic in the world of ecommerce and email marketing and should always be taken seriously by having a well thought out plan of how you are going to promote your brand through this medium. Social media needs to work in conjunction with other media to really sustain long term success, so don't get lost in the hype and put all your eggs in the social media basket.

Social media network giants, Facebook and Google + have realised that the key to growing your user base quite accurately is social media. They also know that the skeleton to this framework has to be built on something with credentials that can ignite trust relationships and sustain a durable presence despite social media fads. When it comes to brand/consumer engagement in digital marketing, it's all about developing a personalised relationship that reaches the masses but speaks to each individual through relevance and frequency. It's down to deliverability and this comes through email marketing; the very method that Facebook and Google are trying to secure into their own divisions.The merging of social and email marketing is a confident step to take for the digital marketer in order to coordinate an online audience effectively in the complex environment of marketing today.

Google Email Marketing
Google has launched What Google has done is basically gotten their already captive audience to encourage their non-Gmail friends to join the Google Empire and discard their old email addresses. That way they can monopolise the attention of that audience by leading them to using other Google products such as their social network, Google +.Google + after only a month has already attracted a massive following but sustaining that following is now where their effort is needed. Email marketing is the legitimacy behind social media. The ability to deliver and engage through email marketing is where Google gets kudos for the email service they provide which protects against spam and also has power enough for emails to be viewed in their correct format.

According to UK marketing commentator Mark Ritson, "Marketers are bombarded on a weekly basis with the countless examples of the growing use and popularity of social media. At the same time, traditional media channels are given less coverage than they deserve even though the opportunities and outcomes across radio, outdoor, sponsorship and the rest are proportionately far more important."

Facebook Email Marketing
Even social media king, Facebook has recently made their email service, available to broaden their possibilities to market by promoting added Facebook features through this method such as mobile and video marketing. Both Facebook and Google are getting a handle on the new face of digital marketing which comes down to the even split between email marketing and social media. While the hype around social media has dominated digital marketing news for the past couple of years, an approach of inclusion and combination is what marketers should try to achieve, as opposed to only using social media to market your brand. Mark Ritson says, "...the correct approach of any decent brand manager is to review all the communication options dispassionately, critically and even-handedly."

Whether these two ventures from Google and Facebook will work to the same success level is unknown for now and not the point. The motivation behind these two companies branching back into email marketing and procuring a database within their own networks will only serve to improve their accessibility, usability and keep them relevant in the market.

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