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Small business becomes big business through email marketing

A small start-up business looking to build brand awareness and develop relationships with potential clients is the perfect candidate for email marketing. A smaller business looking for the most effective, value-for-money and strategic marketing model will find this system to be highly suited to your needs.

To rent email data is the safest and surest way of generating a response from your target market. This is because when you rent data, you are renting consensual, permission-based data that has been segmented, had their adoption tendencies noted and have been demographically divided to provide you with the most precise target market you could reach out to. Once you have your templates designed it is merely a case of reusing them as you go along.

For small companies wishing to get to a lot of people, email marketing is the most effective means to do so for the cheapest rates.


Email marketing is not a painstaking, time-consuming way of promoting your brand. Once you have structured a plan that includes motivation, goal and a consistent distribution plan, this method is simple and efficient. Using tools to monitor your progress will become an important part of the process. Feedback such as links clicked and open rates to see how your campaign is coming along - these kinds of reports are all part of the service provided by your data rental company.

Small commitment for a large result

Strategising an effective email marketing system will be the greatest effort to begin with. Once you have deciphered what is the best way to receive results, the rest is merely monitoring and tweaking your method as you go along to keep current and relevant. This is perfect for a small business as it would not require many staff to coordinate it and could be kept focused by a small team of staff.

Direct message

While social media is certainly a healthy addition to add to your email marketing strategy, it has by no means taken email marketing's place. In fact, email marketing is doing particularly well of late and is still one of the most responsive ways of direct messaging. As a small business, email marketing provides an opportunity to engage with your potential client and enter a dialogue with them, essentially building a relationship. Email marketing is more suited to business as opposed to simply using social media for your digital marketing strategy. People tend to feel like they are being more personally addressed through email and the concept of receiving mail specifically for you, creates a more serious tone that holds attention rather than the quick dismissive fluff that hovers around social media networks.

Small businesses are at an advantage

As a start-up or small business it is crucial that time, effort and money are focussed accurately for the best results. In this way, by really measuring and constructing a plan for your email marketing method, a small company can reap the results.

Questions to ask yourself before you go ahead with your email marketing campaign
  1. What results do I want see from the campaign?
  2. What is the information I want people to know?
  3. Has my email data been segmented and customised to give me the highest chance of response?
  4. Do I have quality content to produce that will be relevant and in context when I send out the email?

  5. Have I made this email an easy option for consumers to share and pass on to their friends? Eg. A Refer a Friend option to increase your data base.
  6. Have I given my potential clients a great reason to sign up? This could come in the shape of great content, coupons, competitions, giveaways or providing tips and information.

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