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Social media breathes life into radio marketing

Radio has fallen by the wayside as a powerful marketing tool since digital technology revolutionised the way people interact with the once masterful medium of music and talk shows. Having lost a large percentage of their following to iPods and online streaming, radio stations who want to revolutionise their place in the media are extending their efforts to social networks. This development seems to spin both ways as bloggers embrace radio to add a terrestrial dimension to their posts and to further engage on a personal level with their listeners and readers. A great example of one such collaboration is the sale earlier this year of to Clear Channel Radio, a radio giant who will now be using the cloud-based music business as a development of their digital strategy.
Those who have harnessed the unavoidable use of social media marketing into their business strategy would be wise to contemplate the power of radio and social media combined. It makes sense that radio would naturally extend to the branches of social media and vice versa when the two carry such fundamental similarities.

Similarities between social media and radio that could work for your business:

Real-time delivery

One of the most appealing attributes of social networks like Twitter and Facebook is their real-time ability to communicate information immediately to a large audience. This way of updating your profile is how you send out news and interaction inducing commentary that will reach your market. The same can be said of radio and the presenter speaking live, on-air to their audience.

By working with both radio and social media, you could extend your reach two-fold simply by making the extension from radio to social media through your advertising. Directing traffic from your social network to the radio station that will be broadcasting content on your brand and then in turn directing traffic within your radio involvement to your social network is exactly the kind of interactive response you want from your market.

Responsive and engaging

The manner and language your brand adapts to market on social media is very much similar to the most audience-drawing type of radio DJ's on-air personality. Marketing on social media is about turning interactions into relationships that will last and build up a respectable reputation for your brand. Attaching your social media marketing to a radio host by having them guest blog on your website or becoming a part of the digital marketing campaign you are running is an excellent way to increase interest in your brand. Similarly, streaming a video or podcast from your brand is a great way of creating interest and interaction with the potential client.

Evoking emotion

Evoking emotion is the best way to get a response. This does not necessarily mean being outwardly controversial and never inappropriate; it does imply that you should aim to get a response from your efforts though. Advertising on radio is an excellent way of putting your brand in a scope that people can relate to and feel in touch with through the immediacy of a one on one interaction. Combined with social media which runs on the same marketing principles of one-on-one association, this strategy of growing your brand and getting responses could be a core way of building relationships with your potential client.

Breaking boundaries between this old and new technology is a great route to stay relevant and use resources that already have a large audience that you can tap into with your brand and grow your reputation not only online but on-air too. Newsy, topical updates and on-air mentions will keep your brand visible and bring your campaign to a viable forefront of potential growth.

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