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B2B Marketing: Segmenting your target and improving your strategy

As a brand that aims for longevity and to keep acquiring clientele through change, it is important that you keep reevaluating the segmentation of your target market within your business to business strategy.
Developments in technology, the economy, social change and events all affect where you are aiming your marketing missile. Segmentation of your target market can be divided into steps:
  1. Motivation and
  2. Psychographic
Motivation behind your B2B marketing strategy

The first and most important thing to remember is that the face of marketing has changed and it is no longer the brand that tries to filter out their market; but rather the market that comes forward to find the brand. According to Holger Schulze, 80 % of buyers find their vendors through their own searches to provide solutions to their needs. The best way for you to attract the target market you're looking for is to have well SEO'd content that is made up of strong keywords that will come up in the users search for a solution to their requirement. Substantial content is the most valuable tool of attraction you have in your marketing strategy.


The demographics would be the next area of segmentation to look at within your target market. Demographics should be divided into three points of consideration when you deal with area:
  1. Location
  2. Company size
  3. Likely-hood of this demographic requiring your service
The location is an obvious choice for segmenting your target market but company size and the likely-hood of this area requiring the service you provide should also be taken into account. Company size can be deciphered through industry SIC or NAICS classifications. Looking into at what type businesses they are, what kind of services they use and don't use will also help you to understand where your target market is coming from and how you are to create customized plans to accommodate the different areas.

Price sensitivity is also an obvious example of where to segment your market. Look at your competitors and see what their feedback has been like in terms of all areas but in this case, act especially competitively. Make your brand stand out as an obvious solution, which has value for money and quality customer relations. Being upfront in this area will be a very good indication of who can afford to become involved with your business and to what kind of level.

Bridging the gap between Motivation and Psychographic are Adoption Patterns within your target market. This is the rate at which your potential clients would act upon your marketing and make a positive move to become involved. Divide this into three categories of High, Medium and Low and you will be able to work out where you should focus your attention, who needs more convincing and who is ready to be signed up.

Psychographics behind your B2B marketing strategy

Targeting the behaviour of your potential client is the next step in your strategy and requires you to look at all the information you've extracted during the motivation phase. Here you will be appealing to the emotive side of your market that pushes people to act or not act. By adapting your tools with an aim to play on a certain emotion is how you will get the most important insight into how your client feels and consumes; allowing you to personalise a plan for marketing to their means and their mindset.

Layer your content with words and images that emphasize strong messages and provoke emotion according to the information you've found out in the motivation stage. If somebody is struggling to find quality in the line of service you provide, make this a high point in how you send out your message. Spark commentary in your social media campaigns and respond accordingly.

This process will get you the right kind of people you want to work with and will efficiently optimise your B2B marketing strategy. Evolving and adhering to the change in development whilst paying close attention to the complexity of your market's feelings will bring you closer to acquiring new clientele through your strategy.

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