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Permission email outperforms all other marketing channels

‘Opt-in' (or permission-based) email marketing is now the fastest growing area of online advertising in the UK and Europe due to its success rate and ROI.
Companies who want to maximise value from their customers would do well to partner with an email marketing specialist that firstly has experience in helping companies grow and manage their own databases, and secondly, that has access to profiled opt-in data that can generate new sales leads and drive revenue.

Such data providers have lists of consumers that have given their permission to be emailed information on products and services that interest them. A good list provider will be able to drill down into detailed demographic and preference data where consumers' interests are tracked, enabling brands to target their exact audience at a fraction of the cost of above the line media.

Opt-in marketing is based on the fact that most people do not buy from companies they do not know and trust. Data list providers have built relationships and trust with their consumers over time; therefore responses are high and opt-out rates low. The relatively low cost of production and high response rates are the reason it's the "Fastest growing and highest ROI marketing tool in the World." (PWC/e consultancy 2006).

Recent surveys have revealed that email marketing is 52% more likely on average to inspire a web visit and a purchase consideration from consumers, ahead of traditional media such as TV and newspapers at 34% and direct mail at 16%. (New Media Age UK, 19.09.08)

Steps to boosting profits:
  1. Build a customer database - The costs of renting opt-in data and broadcasting emails are low when compared with other media. Target your exact market by partnering with a reputable opt-in list provider that has experience in designing and broadcasting catchy promotional mailers to a trusting audience.
  2. Regular customer interaction - Forge long-term relationships with customers through personal and interactive communication such as electronic newsletters, discount coupons, free offers, educational information and competitions.

The result?

Increased customer loyalty which boosts sales and profits. The ability to make multiple offers to each customer in the long run is potentially worth ten to a hundred times the initial investment.

Digital Fire, a division of Spencer Boyd Associates New Media Consultancy in the UK, is achieving what it considers the highest response rates in South Africa. Average response rates for email campaigns targeting Digital Fire's opt-in database are between 10 and 30%, with low production and broadcast costs. A recent campaign for Vichy achieved over 40% response, while Digital Fire has grown Robertson Winery's customer database from 800 to over 17,000 in just eight months.

Our database has been carefully grown and managed, and we adhere to best practice UK marketing law. “Our data is clean, profiled, up to date and highly responsive!” ~ Thomas Boyd, MD, Digital Fire.

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