Gloo underlines the link between creativity and effectiveness

Last week, Gloo was announced the Bookmarks Agency of the Year and picked up 10 awards at the 2012 event in Cape Town. This is the fifth Bookmarks event organised by the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA). The event recognises the companies and people in the digital industry who raise the bar from 'mediocre' to 'incredible', with the awards focusing on 'measurable excellence'.
The Bookmarks wins follow recent wins at Loeries 2012, where Gloo reaffirmed its leading role in the industry with another 7 statues for creativity and innovation. These included a Craft Gold award, which the agency has won for an unprecedented six years in a row.

This combination of awards clearly underlines Gloo's success in both strategic and creative thinking. Dallas du Toit, Gloostad's ECD, commented after receiving the awards on stage at Bookmarks, "We have a unique approach to the work we create, and we follow a clear belief that relevant creativity creates far higher returns on investment than the industry norms. This was proven again tonight and so it's a good feeling to know that as a team we're chasing the right targets and direction."

Paula Hulley, Gloostad's Deputy MD, who also attended the Bookmarks added, "The hard work of our teams shines through at events like this. It's a result of huge teamwork, a common goal for excellence and belief by our clients. A wonderful accolade for the full Glooniverse team."

Gloo is no stranger to these awards and has marked up year-on-year success at both the Bookmarks and the Loeries. To date, the agency has won 63 Loeries (including two Grand Prix) and 30 Bookmarks.

Team Gloo on stage with Gary Manoim and Lana Strydom from the FNB team

Dallas du Toit and Paula Hulley from Gloo at Bookmarks 2012

Templar Wales, Glooburg's Deputy MD, adds, "It's outstanding to see that we managed to win across such a large number of accounts and disciplines, with work from FNB, BMW, Samsung and Clover all breaking through to success. This underlines our ability to create a consistent output of quality for our clients. A great time for our teams to be proud of the work they create."

Team Gloo collecting Gold on stage at Loeries 2012

Paula Hulley and Alistair Irving from Gloo, with Kevin Fine from Jacaranda FM, on the Loeries red carpet

These awards follow Gloo's unprecedented Agency of the Year winning streak at the other main awards shows in the South African advertising and communications industry. The agency has been awarded this prestigious title in 2007, 2008, 2009,
2010, 2011 and 2012.

Gloo is a full service strategic and creative digital marketing agency, with offices based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Bookmarks 2012 wins:
  1. Special Honours - Best Agency
  2. Silver - Display Advertising - Samsung AFCON
  3. Bronze - Display Advertising - BMW Efficient Dynamics
  4. Bronze - Display Advertising - BMW 3 Series: Infographic
  5. Bronze - Display Advertising - BMW 3 Series: Greatest Competition
  6. Silver - Social Media Properties - FNB Facebook Page
  7. Bronze - Social Media Campaigns - FNB S*#! People Say About Investing
  8. Bronze - Interface, Navigation, Interaction, UX - FNB: DotFNB
  9. Silver - Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation - Clover Way Better Viral (in collaboration with
    Joe Public)
  10. Silver - Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation - Clover Way Better Microsite (in collaboration
    with Joe Public)
Loeries 2012 wins:
  1. Bronze - Internet Advertising - BMW 3 Series Infographic
  2. Bronze - Internet Advertising - Samsung Galaxy Rich Media
  3. Bronze - Email Marketing - FNB Share Investing - Kruger Gold Rush
  4. Silver - Microsite - Clover Way Better (in collaboration with Joe Public)
  5. Bronze - Mixed Media Campaign - Clover Way Better (in collaboration with Joe Public)
  6. Gold - Animation Crafts - Clover Way Better (in collaboration with Joe Public)
  7. Certificate - Writing Crafts - Clover Way Better (in collaboration with Joe Public)

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