Gloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick Awards

At the recent MOST Awards, AMASA announced Gloo and Foxp2's joint entry as the overall Roger Garlick Award winner. The awards celebrate innovative use of media across South Africa.
In the Best Use of Online, Social Media and Mobile category, the entry showed how the two agencies jointly combated drinking and driving for their client through an integrated media approach.

Gloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick AwardsGloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick Awards

The campaign solution used a real-world medium, in conjunction with a digital medium, to drive home personalised messages to consumers.

Dallas du Toit comments, "Utilising well-known online social platform,, we created an integrated viral campaign with a real-world twist."

Pete Case adds, "This was true collaboration at its best, where two agencies and the media owner worked together to create this successful and innovative solution."

The campaign targeted several parties during the festive season, with photographers focusing on male party guests. When these consumers went to the online platform the next day to view their party images, they were instead shown a video that featured their own picture embedded into a prison scene, shot with real prisoners, to deliver a hugely powerful message about drunk driving.

Within the first three months, over 85,500 individual visitors had viewed a personalised message to stop drinking, with the average viewer watching a video more than twice.

"The Brandhouse campaign impressed the judges the most," says Wayne Bischoff, AMASA's head of the Roger Garlick portfolio. "While we had sterling entries this year, judges were all in agreement that this entry showed the best innovative use of its chosen media type."

Gloo also brought home a Gold award for the South African Tourism Touch Table entry in the Events category. Here, they collaborated with Pixel Project and Digital Fabric, to realise this state-of-the-art communication, which represents the South African brand at Global travel trade shows.

Gloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick AwardsGloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick Awards

The bespoke touch table enables travel buyers to view experiences of South Africa in various rich mediums such as film and photographs. It is linked to innovative cellphone technology, which transfers content that the user likes onto their mobile device when they leave the exhibition. This lowers the carbon footprint of the brand and replaces a printed brochure, which would date the moment it's published.

The AMASA 'MOST' Awards were sponsored by DSTV airtime sales and this was the first year that the Roger Garlick Awards have been incorporated into the event.

Gloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick AwardsGloo wins 2012 Roger Garlick Awards

14 Sep 2012 09:58