Agency of the year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011

Last week, the AdFocus Awards announced Gloo as its Digital Agency of the Year for 2011. This makes history and headlines when one considers that since the inclusion of Digital into these awards, Gloo has won every title. Combined with the AdReview agency review, this gives Gloo the unprecedented title of Digital Agency of the Year for the past five years running.
"When an independent panel of industry experts looks under the hood of your business from all angles and decides to announce you as Agency of the Year, it's a huge honour," comments Case. "When a different panel of judges does this five years in a row, it's a dream outcome for the whole team and something to be very proud of."

Agency of the year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011 - Gloo

The awards celebrate a diverse look at agencies, from business success, creative output, recognition by local and international organisations, innovation of services, size of teams and the value the company adds to the industry, to their clients' businesses, how they support the wider community as well as how their clients feel about them as partners.

David Furlonger, Editor of AdFocus writes, "You can be sure that an agency is doing something right, when it wins 23 out of 24 pitches and clients offer hitherto unseen responsibilities. The past year has been another excellent one for Gloo." He continues, "Such is the agency's reputation for marketing solutions that Gloo has been asked to pitch as lead agency for a well-known brand's overall advertising and communications strategy." He concludes, "The agency has set high standards and shows no sign of letting them slip."

Team Gloo on stage - Gloo
Team Gloo on stage
The Adfocus event - Gloo
The Adfocus event

With Digital proving itself as the fastest growth area of the communication landscape, the Digital marketing space in South Africa is maturing quickly.

Case adds, "We've kept our vision and stuck to our unique positioning. We may be slightly larger than when we started as five people in 2005, but our undeniable passion for what we do has allowed us to come this far as a team, despite the competition getting hotter every year."

Commenting on the company's comparative success in the market, Templar Wales of Gloo surmises, "Ultimately, Digital is not about building a department. Rather, it's a way of thinking that should be integrated into every activity within an agency. We have been able to drive and prove our ability to embrace Digital at an agency level in much the same way as consumers have embraced the medium into every avenue of their lives."

The Glooniverse has grown an impressive portfolio of clients and has a full service offering from its offices, Glooburg and Gloostad, with a current staff complement of 71.

Recent work from Gloo’s portfolio - Gloo
Recent work from Gloo’s portfolio

7 Dec 2011 11:44