Puma scores with its World Cup viral campaign

Despite a limited advertising budget, Puma outsmarted FIFA with a successful viral marketing campaign for its love=football concept. Continuing the brand's tradition of innovative advertising, this latest offering will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest stunts of the 2010 World Cup.
International Campaign Positioning - Gloo
International Campaign Positioning
Local Puma Viral - Gloo
Local Puma Viral

The campaign, conceptualised by Gloo, centred around World Cup fans and their love of football. The ambush marketing campaign consisted of two viral videos capturing the World Cup from a spectators point of view, but bringing the famous love=football icon to life in an unusual way.

Brett Bellinger, Marketing Director of Puma, comments "We knew that the World Cup period would be a difficult time for the smaller Brands to cut through a very cluttered environment. Gloo's idea and the subsequent execution of it was fantastic and definitely helped us to push our LOVE = FOOTBALL message in a unique way. Viral creates intrigue and talkability and those factors are what marketing Brands look for in a saturated market."

The videos created a buzz on the social media scene, both here and around the world, with the number of views in the first 4 weeks reaching 74,231 across various video sharing sites. The videos were featured on sites such as Football Marketing, MSN and many other blogs. Also reaching number 1 spot on YouTubes Honour List for 'Most Viewed People & Blogs' in South Africa.

Pete Case from Gloo comments, 'We aimed to create online discussion about the brand, at a time when it's competitor was spending $250 million just to have their ball on the pitch. At the same time most brands were terrified of the FIFA regulations, so this was one of the harder briefs we've had this year!'

Using a combination of raw footage shot combined with CGI renderings, Gloo created realistic representations of what appeared to be innovative brand activations taking place in and around the Cape Town stadium.

The first video showed some tourists on a helicopter tour of Cape Town. They are seen taking in the city's sights, when they spot a large number of vehicles on the fields next to Green Point stadium, which move to form the love=football icon.

In the second video, fans are seen videoing their experience inside the stadium during the World Cup game between Portugal and Korea. Just before a goal is scored, they look up to see the love=football icon in skywriting above the stadium.

Both videos were anonymous and included no branding. However all discussion online by journalists and commentators referred strongly to Puma, therefore providing strong promotion for the brand.

The clincher with this Puma viral campaign, as with many other viral videos, is the mystery of the videos themselves and the discussion it creates. Is it staged or are the videos in fact user- generated content?

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To view the second video click here

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