South African Tourism appoints Gloo as lead digital partner

After an 8-way agency pitch, South African Tourism has chosen its digital marketing partners to help amplify its brand message both locally and internationally.
Gloo Digital Design will work alongside Ireland Davenport, who take over the above-the-line account later this year from Ogilvy.

William Price, Head of E-Marketing at SA Tourism comments, "Digital marketing and destination marketing are converging within SA Tourism and as an organisation we're gearing towards stretching our budgets and delivering real, tangible results. It was a tough choice to choose who we partner with, to take us forward pre and post the South African World Cup 2010. No small or easy task for us and as a brand and client for an agency it's pretty daunting.

Choosing Gloo as our lead digital agency means that we get to partner with local talent that's proven, growing and hungry for the opportunities our business and marketing objectives demand locally and globally. Gloo has impressed and delivered world-class creativity, interactivity and functionality to bring our brand alive online and through the line. Delivering real results has been one of the bottom line requirements for us, and here again Gloo has shown its true colours. They've already started working closely with their syndicate members and other key suppliers to go well beyond our expectations."

SAT is a seasoned user of digital marketing and spends upwards of R15 million across its digital marketing channels a year.

Pete Case from Gloo continues, "This is a fantastic opportunity for our team to demonstrate its ability to create and produce powerful integrated digital communications and we're proud to be working on this prestigious account. Our first campaign with the global team recorded a staggering 2,408,761 unique visitors across mobile and PC-based platforms, demonstrating that digital can really deliver return on investment for our client. As an added sign of its success, this campaign was also acknowledged by our peers at the first Creative Circle and DMMA Digital awards last month."

Gloo chose to create a syndicate of agencies that it leads. Currently, these include specialist agencies such as Clicks2customers, Acceleration Media, Acceleration Emarketing, Quirk, Cambrient and BeMobile.

Templar Wales, MD of Gloo adds, "This approach gives Gloo the opportunity to collaborate with proven partners, in order to deliver the best digital marketing talent out there. We manage the core strategic and creative platform and act as lead agency, but these specialists bring huge value to the table in their chosen fields of expertise from mobile integration to media placement, tracking technologies, online reputation management and email delivery. Our combined offering is a powerful solution for the client."

Whilst the agency landscape evolves, Gloo continues to believe in a collaborative approach and choosing the best and most relevant partners for each client relationship.

The account is run from Glooburg, Gloo's growing 30-person team in Johannesburg that launched one and a half years ago, based in Parktown North. Gloo continues to offer a full creative and strategic agency offering in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

South African Tourism appoints Gloo as lead digital partner
29 Sep 2010 11:25


Gloo does it again-
Nice to see it go to Gloo. Well deserved guys. What an amazing pitch record you guys have
Posted on 29 Sep 2010 13:54