Digital breaks through for Gloo

“Gloo has helped put digital onto the map,” commented a jubilant Pete Case, Creative Director of Gloo, when the agency was named as the top digital design agency of 2007 in a newly created category at the FinWeek AdReview Awards held in Johannesburg this month.
Pete Case Creative director Gloo & Anne Nurock Africa CEO Grey Worldwide.
Pete Case Creative director Gloo & Anne Nurock Africa CEO Grey Worldwide.
Case said that the award was not only significant for Gloo but also for the whole arena of emerging digital design talent, “I’m happy that digital is breaking through the ad mix and finally being recognised as an essential part of marketing; A big thank you to FINWeek’s Ad Review team for recognising the importance of digital as a new category, and for recognising us as a unique force in design.”

Case is justifiably proud of his team of young designers, “Gloo’s success is thanks to an amazing team – we have the best talent in South Africa and it shows in our work.”

Gloo has a successful track record across many of South Africa's leading brands, with a creative portfolio which includes work for; Arabella Sheraton, 5FM, Coronation, Virgin, MWEB, Nederburg, General Motors, The Apartheid Museum, Cadburys, Simba, Fancourt, SPUR, Interactive Africa, The Desmond Tutu Peace Trust, The Foschini Group and Microsoft.

Gloo works across a wide number of digital channels for its clients, “We design in lots of different spaces within digital. Both online and offline, including: cellular, viral, interactive kiosks, experiential spaces, direct digital, interactive television, CD roms and DVDs,” says Case.

Gloo is the only design agency in South Africa that is communicating across such a wide variety of both traditional and new media spaces with in-house skills, offering full service design from print to cutting edge work in new mediums. The 5FM “Lonely Finger“ work that earned Gloo a Loerie Grand Prix award for their email, cellphone and web work is an example of how well Gloo can help create a powerful communication mix, which uses the most relevant mediums for the target audience, as well as fitting seamlessly into a wider advertising campaign.

“Digital is such an exciting space to be in at the moment, with potential audiences growing all the time. As new technology develops, digital pioneers such as ourselves are helping to harness it into innovative and creative communication campaigns.”

30 Apr 2007 11:29