The Gloo-rie Awards

Gloo Digital Design has once again come away from the Loerie Awards with gold fever. This year Gloo was awarded the only two golds to be received across all the digital design categories. They also shared in the prestigious Grand Prix awarded to Net#work in the integrated campaign category, for 5FM's Lonely Finger project.
Pete Case and Dallas du Toit.
Pete Case and Dallas du Toit.
Net#work and Gloo team receive the Grand Prix for the Lonely Finger campaign.
Net#work and Gloo team receive the Grand Prix for the Lonely Finger campaign.
This is the first Grand Prix to be awarded for a campaign which includes an internet presence as its core communication. Pete Case of Gloo comments, "We are particularly proud to be involved in ground breaking work such as this, where we communicate with a target audience in an unusual and unique way, whilst also combining our design and illustration skills with more technical skills such as delivery of video to cell phones."

The industry has already had cause to notice Gloo after their Loerie winnings last year identified them as the top performing digital company in creative terms across South Africa. In the same year, the company then went on to win recognition at D&AD for digital art direction, two Cannes Lions for direct work and also a CLIO for innovation in interacting with an audience.

According to Pete Case of Gloo, the success of their work on the Lonely Finger campaign lies in the close collaboration between Gloo and Net#work. "Its recognition of the power of traditional advertising working closely with new media. The campaign stood out because we created an experience that truly engaged the audience rather than simply giving away free gifts, which we see as a recent and negative trend online. In addition, and to the benefit of our client, its success was measurable. The creative strength was achieved through planning and teamwork as well as thinking laterally about the best way to deliver the message. Keeping it simple, unique and relevant."

Stu Stobbs of Net#work reveals, "It was an absolute pleasure working with Gloo on Lonely Finger. They just became part of the team, adding so much of their own ideas and style to our concept. Their contributions were invaluable to the project and it was awesome to see how much further they pushed things."

Case continues, "Perhaps this will help put 'digital' higher on the agenda for the whole of our creative industry. There's a great deal of digital talent in South Africa, but so often in gets tacked on the end of a campaign rather than considered as an integral part of its being."
28 Sep 2006 14:10