Gloo roars!

Gloo received collective Silver and Bronze Lions Direct awards from Cannes this week, for its central role in Net#work's campaign for 5fm - a quirky and innovative integrated campaign aimed at attracting a new audience to the radio station, with a web site as its destination and hero.
The online experience outperformed its initial expected effectiveness. Both engaging the audience for long periods of time as well as encouraging a high number of re-visits across the three month teaser campaign. An unprecedented amount of direct relationships via email and a growing database also proved the acceptance and success of the campaign to its intended audience.

Stuart Stobbs from Net#work comments: "Gloo were a brilliant digital partner throughout the Lonely Finger campaign, adding so much to our initial concepts and bringing it all to life. It was always a pleasure to see how much further they had pushed things, whilst still remaining true to the concept."

Gloo roars!Gloo roars!
Gloo roars!Gloo roars!
21 Jun 2006 09:09