The Big Book kicks off CannesAlso at 58th Cannes Lions

The Big Book, a giant book containing hundreds of photographs that celebrate the personal creative process, will be unveiled at the 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It has been designed and created by The Brand Union and Lambie Nairn.
The Big Book is the inaugural exhibition of CannesAlso, a new initiative that showcases work of people in the global creative marketing industries, produced in their spare time. Over 1,500 photographs were submitted. 1,200 have been selected to feature in The Big Book, and 11 images have been chosen by acclaimed photographer Rankin, and will be displayed prominently on the installation.

The chosen 11 photograph that features in The Big Book will be given a QR code, so delegates and visitors viewing the work can scan and download high-res versions of their favourite selections.

The Big Book will be on display directly outside the Palais des Festivals for the duration of Cannes Lions.

Rankin, curator of The Big Book, comments:

"The Big Book stands as a towering reminder of creativity and the power of images to evoke strong emotions and spark further creative outputs. It was a pleasure to be asked to help select the photos that have made it into The Big Book and I was extremely impressed by both the quality of these images, but also of the wide range of subject matter.

"The beauty of photography is its inclusivity; every one of us has the potential to create images of beauty, poignancy and inspiration, no matter who we are. The Big Book is a symbol of this exoteric expression, and a reminder that our intrinsic creativity has the power to influence and enhance everything we do."

Simon Bolton, worldwide chief executive of The Brand Union comments:

"CannesAlso is a hugely important event for The Brand Union, as it enables us to celebrate a different yet hugely relevant boundary of the global industry's creativity. We wanted an event that recognises the need to empower external creativity through personal expression, and as such, The Big Book has become a powerful forum to explore ideas through images.

"Ideas that truly resonate with others must be honest and true, originating from the heart and mind of the creative; CannesAlso represents this."

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23 Jun 2011 12:46