The Brand Union Africa joins forces with The Fearless Executive and Coley Porter Bell

The Brand Union has acquired Coley Porter Bell (South Africa) and The Fearless Executive and will be operating as The Brand Union Africa as of 1 April 2011.
The Brand Union Africa team!  - Brand Union
The Brand Union Africa team!
"A long-term strategic view has been taken on the branding industry. The evolving needs of clients, as well as the changing nature of the industry, requires a shift in what we deliver and how we deliver it," says CEO, Anthony Swart. "Part of the vision critical to the new future of any brand is a meaningful, well planned and flawless brand experience. This goes beyond the realm of what we traditionally see as the 'brand world' - it is about every interaction that the consumer has with the brand and all these experiences must be underpinned by clear strategic direction and delivered with high creative integrity and inspiration," says Swart.

With more than 30 years experience The Brand Union has developed a strong reputation in corporate branding and retail design. Our work has been underpinned by strategic focus - what we term the perfect mix of art and science. "In order for us to achieve our vision for expansion and meet the needs of a changing brand environment, we identified businesses that had the right credentials, spirit and culture to join us in delivering the levels of creativity and brand experience that will matter," says Swart. Enter The Fearless Executive and Coley Porter Bell.

The Fearless Executive has had a strong reputation for over 10 years in the South African market as an agency specialising in brand experience by designing brand driven solutions that shift and positively influence the internal and external consumer experience.

The Fearless Executive Managing Director, Terry Behan joins The Brand Union as the Head of Engagement, providing the experience, skill and strength to offer a better integrated internal brand and experience solution to the South African and African markets going forward.

"Being essentially a specialised agency, we have always battled with gaining access and exposure to a global stage; The Brand Union provides us with this. Already we are rolling out brand engagement and brand experience solutions in East Africa, West Africa and the Middle East. It's an exciting time and we are thrilled to be part of the union," says Behan.

Coley Porter Bell has an exceptional creative reputation, living up to their mantra: "We make brands beautiful." Looking for a breakthrough in terms of scale and African reach, the merger was a perfect fit as The Brand Union offered the required scope for expansion. The new injection of creative skill and inspiration will add greater diversity to our business.

"I believe that designers have a huge responsibility because we have the power to change perceptions on a very large scale. With creativity comes innovation, and this is what is needed in the world of business. As designers, we ask different types of questions that allow us new insights into the relationships that people have with brands. Mix this type of creativity with strategic rigour and you have a powerful force for change," says Janet Kinghorn, Executive Creative Director.

Coley Porter Bell's office in Cape Town continues to operate but now as The Brand Union.

"The collective strength of these businesses will create a stronger set of experience, skill and integrated brand delivery, allowing The Brand Union Africa a headstart in creating brands of the future today," concludes Swart.

11 Mar 2011 12:55