Enterprise IG helps Hospice help others

With the help of brand design agency Enterprise IG, pro bono client Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand now boasts a fresh corporate identity.
"A charity organisation, just like any other, needs a strong and compelling corporate identity," says Barry Crystal, vice chairman: Hospice Witwatersrand's Board of Governors. "Yet with our primary focus on offering physical and emotional care to the terminally ill and raising the necessary money to support these functions, our old identity had become tired and inappropriate to a new South Africa."

Enterprise IG has consolidated the visual language of the Hospice Witwatersrand brand, creating a fresh and optimistic look. "Our challenge lay in creating a positive identity for an organisation, that essentially deals with the terminally ill and death," says Robert du Toit, creative director Enterprise IG. "In addition we had to be mindful of the restrictions any charity organisation faces in terms of budget. The result is an identity that can easily be rolled out and utilised for the various applications needed by Hospice, without incurring excessive cost."

All elements of the new CI and its applications across collateral embrace the Hospice credo of 'people helping people'. The 'Ubuntu' iconography of togetherness depicts a caring family unit of varying ages, using interchanging colours such as a warm yellow and calming blue across applications. The pay off line "no end to caring" has been enlarged to create better recognition and is now more integral to the primary identity. Generic images with positive connotations such as fields of flowers have been given a contemporary spin and used on a variety of collateral.

Hospice has been a pro bono client of Enterprise IG for three years. Apart from the new CI, Enterprise IG has conceptualised and designed collateral for the various high profile fund raising events Hospice hosts throughout the year.

Wherever possible Enterprise IG will use their strength in the industry to engage with suppliers to assist in producing the necessary collateral for Hospice, free of charge.

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8 Nov 2004 15:03