Enterprise IG teams with Coca Cola at the Olympics

With the Olympic Games well underway, it's not just our talented athletes we can be proud of. Global brand design agency Enterprise IG is the local SA creative talent behind the entire visual language and presence branding of Coca Cola at the 2004 Olympic Games.
As one of the longest standing sponsors of the Olympic Games, Coca Cola wanted to create a visual presence that was indicative of the spirit of the Games, focusing on connecting vitality with heritage. With the return of the Games to its birthplace in Greece, Coca Cola used the opportunity to reconnect the youth with the spirit of sportsmanship, focussing on the human scale of the event.

Enterprise IG Johannesburg created an exclusive mark for Coca Cola by incorporating aspects of the existing brand's logo together with the 2004 Athens Olympic logo. They also created a visual language for the new co-brand mark, and its application across all points of presence at the Games. The visual language steers clear of stereotypical sports branding and focuses on images of real, young people playing everyday sports, ultimately creating an emotional connection that allows people to reconnect with the human aspect of the Olympic Games.

Although originally intended for the Greek market, Coca Cola decided to roll out their Olympic Games visual branding campaign to selected countries worldwide.

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22 Aug 2004 13:33