Managing your brand with Master-Brand

Your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets. Nurture and invest in it and the power of that brand becomes evident. However, fail to maintain and control consistency of the brand and all its applications and watch it dilute.
Leading brand design agency Enterprise IG, in a joint partnership with IT specialist Ci-Online, have developed Master-Brand, a comprehensive online brand management tool that is reliable, user friendly and can be applied to control any brand.

"With over five years of online brand management experience, Ci-Online together with Enterprise IG have developed a product that is superior to any Corporate Identity (CI) Manual and competing products in the market," says Anthony Swart, CEO Enterprise IG. "Master-Brand offers a company centralised control of their CI as well as accountable and consist management of the production of elements across all marketing activities."

The Master-Brand product is purchased by the client and customised to meet their needs. It offers different levels of accessibility via user logon access thus maintaining security levels. This means that not only can all staff, and particularly the Marketing and Production Managers of a company owning the product have access to the brand guidelines at the touch of a button, but limited access can also be granted to suppliers such as printers, advertising agencies etc. The result is complete consistency across all elements of the brand application.

Master-Brand is easy to control and keep updated. In fact the system will notify all designated users if any change is made, keeping the information current and the users informed. An authorised user can personalise and create artwork based on a pre-defined set of rules that comply with corporate standards. The system allows automatic generation of high quality PDF print ready files.

With a paper-free proofing system automating a once tedious manual process, Master-Brand allows significant cost saving when it comes to production and print. The product offers centralised production and has the capability to allocate billings to different cost centres.

Let's say, for example, that the small branch of a large national organisation wanted to produce a set of business cards. The user will access the internet/intranet based system and enter the relevant personal details under the business card section. The system will then allow them to preview the card on screen in real time and proof before submitting the request electronically to the system administrator at the organisations head office. Once approved by the administrator the job will automatically be sent to the agreed printer.

Master-Brand is a wholly South African software product and runs off a Linux based server. Master-Brand has been developed by both IT and branding specialists resulting in a product that is flexible, reliable and brand friendly. If the consistent and easy control of your organisations brand is important to you and cost saving is a priority, then contact Anthony Swart on (011) 319 8000.

Editorial contact
Enterprise IG
Tracy Hyams
Tel: (011) 319 8064

25 Jul 2004 12:54


Substantiate your claim to superiority.....-
Are you able to substantiate the claim that your product "is superior to any Corporate Identity (CI) Manual and competing products in the market"?
Posted on 26 Jul 2004 12:51
Anthony Swart
Will substantiate claim to superiority with pleasure-
Absolutely. I would be very happy to substantiate our claim that Master-Brand is superior to any CI manual and competing products currently in the market. I don't feel this is the appropriate platform to go into all the marketing and technical info regarding Master-Brand so please give me a ring on (011) 319 8000 and let's chat.
Posted on 27 Jul 2004 09:51