A crisp new look for Woolworths Organic Range

As organic food begins emerging as a new consumer lifestyle trend in South Africa, Woolworths is leading the way with the launch of the new packaging for their Organics range.
This fresh identity, which includes the new Woolworths Organics logo, product labelling and signage is the work of global brand design agency Enterprise IG.

"The perception of organic food as a basket of earthy covered vegetables eaten only by new-age bohemians is changing rapidly" says Justine Morgan, the creative talent behind the new Woolworths Organic identity. "In keeping with international trends, Woolworths has identified the need to move away from the previous 'hippy' feel and give their Organic range a more contemporary look."

Enterprise IG have designed a new identity that is crisp, clean and upmarket, better aligning the Organic range with the Woolworths customer base. "The aim of the new identity is for the new Organic range to eventually create its own brand within Woolworths," adds Morgan.

More about the design
  • The logo:
    The new capsule shaped logo comprises of a "stylised flower" icon, epitomising growth, which forms the letter 'O' in the word Organic. The logo was designed to be a bold and easy identifiable feature on the packaging. The primary colour of the new logo is deep rich green, maintaining the perception of something tasty, healthy and natural.

  • The label design:
    Backgrounds have been kept white and uncluttered, moving away from the previous "craft" feel.

  • The images/photography:
    All images on the labelling show the product photographed in its purest form. For example the Raspberry Jam labelling displays a photograph of fresh, robust raspberries.

    "Since rollout of the newly packaged Organic range commenced in early February, sales have risen by 16%," says Nicki Russell, Project Selector – Health and Wellness at Woolworths. "To launch the new identity we are currently running a comprehensive marketing campaign which is working hand-in-hand with an increased growing plan for our organic farmers. The result? An increase in availability and variety of organic produce for our customers, beautifully packaged, fresh and delicious."

    Rollout of the new Organic packaging has already commenced throughout Woolworths stores nationwide that stock organic products.

  • Editorial contact
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    Tracy Hyams
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    15 Mar 2004 15:36