kulula takes off with a newly designed identity by The Brand Union

South Africa's most innovative airline, teamed up with The Brand Union to restructure and refresh its brand.
Now in its seventh year in SA's skies, kulula is best known for affordable air travel, quirky ads and friendly, refreshing service, redefining South Africans' travel experiences everywhere. With new opportunities on the horizon, we came on board to review brand strategy and design in support of kulula's exciting new portfolio possibilities. The brand is now stretching into other areas of business namely: holiday packages, mobile phone and internet packages as well already playing in the financial services arena with their credit card.

Strong personality, simple logo

kulula takes off with a newly designed identity by The Brand Union - Brand Union
“kulula is a brand with a strong personality; it may be described as fun, quirky, optimistic and a little anti-establishment. The brand is very much loved among the South African public. As the brand stretches into new avenues of business, it has been most important in the re-branding exercise to not destroy any of the good equity that already resides in the brand” says Creative Director, Bronwen Rautenbach.

The new logo needed to celebrate all the good things about kulula. For this reason the solution is typographic which is also in-line with simple value, it's about making a strong statement without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

The solution stays with the characteristically bold typography, as this is quite distinctive, not to mention appropriate, this brand is not shy! The word mark has been crafted to be a lot more legible. A 10 degree “angle of take-off” rotation infuses it with a sense of optimism.

We wanted to play with the rhythm inherent in the name. Alternating greens on every second letter bring in an element of fun in a simple way. It is fortunate that kulula is a six-letter word with three syllables and each syllable ends in a vowel.

More brands join the kulula family

kulula takes off with a newly designed identity by The Brand Union - Brand Union
This idea of alternating colour successfully informed the solution for the sub brands as each one takes on its own distinctive bright colour along with the characteristic kulula green. So strong family ties, using colour as an infuser of individual personality.

The alternatively coloured letters become exclusive real estate for the sub brand at hand and may be creatively used as a campaignable element. They may be dipped in bling, encrusted in diamonds, infused with the spirit of the latest ad campaign, the opportunities are endless.

Bright ideas beautifully crafted
Says CEO Anthony Swart, “kulula's an iconic South African brand which has a youthful, independent and somewhat irreverent culture. Repositioning the kulula brand to retain this differentiated value set into new markets and sectors was a challenge eagerly taken up by The Brand Union.”

10 Oct 2008 14:46


Prices increase?-
Have they really been rising? I think each airline has certain routes which are cheaper than others
Posted on 5 Nov 2008 13:21
worst re-brand ever! worse than pick n pay.-
i can't believe how pathetic the new branding is. bring back the old!
Posted on 14 Oct 2008 09:12
terrible arghhhh........shocked!-
couldn't believe it when i saw you billboard with your new branding, damn is that what one employs a brand company for??? within the same day 4 people commented about how sh*t the new branding is.....bad move from such a cool brand!
Posted on 13 Oct 2008 22:53
Interview with Kulula marketing-
I have a full interview on my blog regarding the rebranding: (a href="")Get it(/a).
Posted on 11 Oct 2008 23:56
Don't forget your roots-
Kulula has got an awesome marketing team, and the ethos of the company reminds me of Virgin. The humour and the free kit kats they hand out to those wearing green makes it an experience rather than just a flight. However, they mustn't forget their roots as a low cost carrier. I've noticed that their prices have been rising above those of Mango & 1time.
Posted on 11 Oct 2008 18:47