The Brand Union: Expanding our global network, but never losing sight of our home grown talent

Leading brand consultancy, The Brand Union brings their internal global network to life through sharing of talent.
Global talent share:
Over the past few years, The Brand Union has been building on a philosophy underpinning a global objective of intra-office skills transfer and we've stuck to our guns!

David Blyth who has been working from our Jo'burg office, initially as Strategy Director in 2004 and then as Managing Director since November 2005, will from September this year be assuming the new role of Principle Consultant for the Everystone Group where he will be joining partners Rosi McMurray and Crispin Jameson in the London office. Everystone is owned by The Brand Union Group and is a strategic consultancy that brings together extensive experience in communications, research and business development to put marketing at the heart of business. Part of Blyth's mandate, over and above working on global client assignments, is to build a centre of excellence for Everystone in Dubai with future plans to expand these centres into other markets.

“The chance to build and grow a key part of The Brand Union offer, for and behalf of the group, is an incredible challenge and although moving to the UK is going to be tough for my family we're seeing it as a real opportunity for adventure and learning.” says Blyth.

Jonathan Davies joined us two years ago from our London office as our Chief Financial Officer. His role has now evolved to develop a network-wide approach to the business process of Brand Mastery. He takes on a group role from our Johannesburg office and Farhana Wada will be joining the Brand Union on 1 September as our new Financial Director.

Creative Director, Dave Holland, originally from our Jo'burg office, has spent the last six months in Tokyo, made a stop back in Johannesburg, before taking on a permanent position as Creative Director of The Brand Union Singapore.

David Lett joined us from London last September as Executive Creative Director. He has extensive experience in brand design in the international arena and his work has successfully addressed strategic marketing objectives. His approach to delivering integrated solutions encompasses brand strategy and a holistic approach to 2D, 3D and digital life of the brand.

Formerly Marketing Manager for the Johannesburg office, Loren Naish transferred to London to head up PR & Communications there, joining fellow South African Craig Page-Lee, among others. Says Naish, “Relocating to our London office has been a hugely rewarding experience with exposure to international brands Vodafone, Bank of America, Alfa Romeo and many more. The opportunity to work alongside minds from all over the world is invaluable.”

Since The Brand Union became a truly globally networked business last year, intra-office transfers have become a reality. With our using the same processes and procedures, designers, strategists and relationship managers are able to seamlessly join global teams, which is really to the benefit of our global clients who often work with a number of our offices around the world. We're able to better and more quickly deliver world class solutions. For example, the London office enjoys a strong relationship with SABMiller who has also worked with our Johannesburg team, and so there is much opportunity for learnings, sharing of ideas and experience and invaluable skills transfer.

Says CEO Anthony Swart, “The Brand Union is an international group and is proud to share our skills across the globe. One of our global objectives is intra-office skills transfer and our staff movements are a testament to reaching this objective. Being able to share talent not only enriches our staff members, but adds depth and true international experience to the services we offer our local clients.”

Local is lekker:
We are however balancing the scales and not only focusing on our global movements. We are also shining a spotlight on our home grown talent and investing in the futures of these individuals. Our most recent talent gains are our interns McDonald Musimuko and Moshe Mogome - two gems in our talent pool.

It's not often that you meet two people that humble you in the first minute of conversation - McDonald and Moshe are two such people. Having both being selected for the Alexandra branch of the Imagination Lab (the brainchild of Vega and CAFÉ), which seeks to empower a previously untapped pool of creative genius in disadvantaged communities, both candidates soared through the selection process and were placed in the 2007 programme. They have always had a creative flare and the joining of the Imagination lab honed this skill.

Their talent was identified by The Brand Union at an exhibition and we invited them to participate in a one year internship at The Brand Union, and the rest as they say is history.

Friday 27 July 2008 marks a special occasion for both - The Brand Union has offered them full time positions as well as participation in the company's Educational Programme. “I would like to thank God and The Brand Union for trusting and believing in me and giving me the opportunity of full time employment. I just cannot explain how happy I am,” says Musimuko.

“Both McDonald and Moshe have the characteristics ‘gutsy, inspired, curious and grounded' attributes that the Brand Union wishes to instil in all our staff members. They are both a testament to the fact that when desire exists goals can be reached, and that when people say there is no talent, they really are looking in the wrong places,” says CEO Anthony Swart.

14 Jul 2008 10:58